Saturday, 24 March 2007

Sugimoto's @ Hartamas

No chinese food blog! Finally!! I went for Japanese food with MBF(my best friend) and her hubby to be. She was suppose to be on a diet but then i guess good food is hard to resist.

So where's the best place for Japanese? Naturally Hartamas area. I find the choice of japanese restaurants here superb. Well, this place is full of Japanese expatriates so of course the food is great. And one thing here is, the food doesnt taste like those run of the mill Sushi bar food like Genki Sushi or what's the other one's name. It tastes real and normally you get to eat authentic Japanese stuff.

My choice of restaurant: Sugimoto's. Same row as Aoyama- i
t's on the upstairs. Didnt get address of this place. Once you walk in, you feel as if you are in a Japanese ryokan. They have also rooms for people who want privacy or dont want to smell smoke. One thing about japanese restaurants- i dont like the smoke accumalating here. I smell after eating all the japanese restaurants.

A shot of the restaurant- the people next to my table went for the set dinner - which had like a pots and boxes of stuff. We ventured for finger food so that we can greedily try everything. See those 2 japanese men on the left? They were busy observing us eating about 7 dishes for only 2 persons. That is not inclusive of dessert!

Since we had finger food and a few main dishes, the waiter brought plates for all of us and a small plate of Soyu. Hehehe... i tot the picture of plate empty and clean would be interesting. Sorry, i didnt use my Canon and my kodak failed on me last night- No BATTERIES LIAO - so some of the pictures taken using my phone may not turn out too good.

First dish ordered- King Crab Croquet. Sugoko Oishiikata-yo... Filled with oozing crab fillets this was superbly delicious. i love the salad that came with it as well. Only consists of 2 pieces, 3 of us shared it. Comes with a brown sauce which I suspect is bbq sauce and some mustard. Picture of the brown sauce below.

Followed by Beef stewed in miso paste. The beef is quite tender especially those with the "kan" and the miso taste is not too strong. Only thing i didnt like in this dish was that grey hard jelly thingy which i have no idea what it is.

Ebi Gyoza- Not so great - ok but still i am a dumpling freak so i wallop 2. Some shots of the Curry Udon and Brinjal cooked in Fish egg roe did not turn out that well - so no pics of those. And i forgot to take a picture of the tea rice.
Hotate(Scallop) tempura styled with Fish egg role. MBF is so nice :) Asked for me if the hotate did not have wings... Did you know i cant eat scallop wings? Makes me puke - tried that in rakuzen almost went for the toilet but i can eat the scallops. MBF is confused ... she goes like "They are the same!!" Hey.. tell that to my brain. Even Fren thinks i am a bit strange. :P . Anyway ... the tempura scallop is yummy-fying. I think this is the most costly dish. Do you see the white stuff at the bottom? That's daikon. You put that in your tempura dip. Lurverly!

Finally the piece de resistance... Dessert! They served a few flavors of ice cream- so we ordered black sesame and macha. Tasty!! And this Black sesame ice cream is as good as rakuzen's.

MBF's Hubby ordered black sesame - tasty! And below- macha ice cream. Yum!

Was a lovely night after a pretty stressful week in the office. MBF paid for this dinner - she was in good mood :) had her bonus and had a lovely day shopping. Thank you Thank you.

Definitely worth a second try again. I want another round of macha. Sugimoto's is located in Hartamas- Look for the sign on the side walk that says Sugimoto's ( purple sign) . It is above Jarrod's ( a wine bar).

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