Thursday, 1 March 2007

What a week!

No picture blogs here today - but what a week. Did everyone know- it's going to be the end of CNY already? *Sigh* time flies so fast. I finally went back to work 28th of Feb and it feels like a bullet train week and though it is thursday, honestly i felt within the 2 days back at work it was like 1 full week.

There are good and bad things:

1) My address finally got updated in EPF!! Hooray i am not unknown
2) Fren came back from his hols!!
3) Met tracy when she was back from her hols!! Was great to catch her when she was back.
4) Met up with the family on yan yat - saw my cute nephews.. and it was great to catch up with everyone
5) Caught up with Mashi today after so long!! Need to catch up more

1) Too many phone calls when i am still on leave :( and they are work related
2) Work sucks
3) A motorbike bumped into my car :(( *Not fair*

So how was everyone's back to work week? More blogging later..... I also noticed colleague from ACN is right! I seem to eat alot of Chinese food- there is not enough of english food mentions in my blog.

p/s: so far- bro and my attempts to photo orbs in the house is as about as successful as the buses in KL being on time. And so far there are no more of the strange actions Comet has been doing. Has Mei Mei really left us? Hmmmm..............

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