Sunday, 25 February 2007

A day at the vet's- puppy hunting and spooky encounters?

Saturday was the day Comet got his check up before he get's this year's doggie license. It's the first time we are at the vet after Mei-mei's death. How time flies, she's been gone almost a month and i can still remember her as if she is still here.

Anyway- the vet visit had another purpose, mom wants a new puppy so we went to the vet to check and see if he had any candidates. He did not anyway so the hunt was not very successful. There is a lady who is also a customer there, who just had a litter but we cant see the pups yet as they are just new born. :) How exciting!

Well- Comet is fine- save for some growths w
hich the doctor asked us to keep an eye on if there were too many. Today's blog- i want to introduce you to 1) Mayo Clinic in USJ and also 2) The cats in Mayo Clinic. Mayo Clinic open up 10 years ago and Mei Mei and Comet were one of the earlier patients. Doctor Khor has seen Mei Mei and Comet since they were teenage dogs and have witness the strange things my dogs eat/throw up/ poop out and mishaps they have been in. :) Big thanks to him for all the care he has given my dogs.

Anyway - his cats are another thing... He has 3 cats in the clinic. 2 big ones the same age as my dogs i think and a new kitten. Check out the big brown cat below. He's one of the chubbiest and most pleasant cat i have met. Even Dad is a bit fascinated with big brownie here.

I enjoy the visits here cos i get to pet this cat. He purrs like an engine. One thing i need to tell you all. The last few days before Mei Mei passed on- we made a few trips to mayo to get her checked up. Big brown cat(BBC) here would come up to her and give her a kiss on the noise. Even the nurse that was working there was suprised. BBC here would rub himself against Mei Mei and my poor doggie just accepted it. Could it be cats can tell that another fellow animal is ill and require some TLC?

Mom says the day when Mei Mei was put to sleep- BBC here came and gave her a final kiss. Same as before- BBC walked up to MM and give her a nose to nose rub and sat beside her. My eyes got teary eyed after that. Suspect animals can tell if another of their kind is not going to make it. BBC- thanks very much for comforting MM.

Anyway- puppy hunts continue...... BTW that's BBC on top with a new kitten on the block. *Kawaii*

Ok my title says Spooky encounters- we think ... Mei Mei might have "returned"...... Comet was seen a few times sitting back towards the dog house door looking at something against the wall. Dad caught him doing this 3 times and we saw him doing this in the morning first time. As if he is talking or looking at something within the house... Will continue posting for anymore Spooky encounters. Bro suggest taking a picture in the dog house to look for "Orbs". Hmm not a bad idea.........


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  2. Hmmm more interested on your "spooky encounters" post , yeah I'm not surprise heard or read a few stories myself that animals sometimes have the knack to sense those stuffs ! If you like more info u can read this

  3. Hi YY!
    My brother did take photos last night on MeiMei's fav spots- so far we have not seen any "orbs" yet. My dad is the person who has seen Comet do this the most. Mom is suggesting- next time we catch comet doing that-snap picture!



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