Saturday, 3 March 2007

Hong Kong Food Culture @ Low Yat & Gathering time!

Neko blogs backwards......This blog should be posted last week but then i got so lazy after a while :P. Am also so sleepy on a Saturday morning.

Er... it is another Chinese cuisine blog! Sorry Adrian, will try to get some english ones up soon :)

It was one of the gatherings of colleagues and ex-colleagues during CNY. Happened on the 7th day of CNY. We call it "Yan-Yat" or Everybody's birthday. Tracy, our ex-colleague came back from Singapore an
d we all tried to meet up with her. I was real pleased to see for a few reasons - my anime kaki is back!! As usual when i picked her up, it was non stop talking for the both of us. We got "horned" a few times for driving too slowly as well.

Since there is nothing much to eat in KL during new year and we decided to be at Low Yat as Tifa finished her drum lessons in that area, I suggested trying Hong Kong Food Culture in Low Yat's lower ground floor. If you do not know where the place is- it is downstairs, near the Baoz's booth, turn right. You cant miss it. I read about this place from Babe in the City and have eaten here before many years ago. Normally when i am there, i eat the duck rice and char siew. Neko parents are very conservative when it comes to food. So when with friends - i am a bit more experimental. :)
Drinks were the first thing on every one's mind. This is a honey dew pearl tea- Tracy ordered this one. She thinks it is fine. I am not into pearl drinks and was seriously amused with the black round things at the bottom of the cup.

Here is a close up of the black round things. These are the pearls by the way. Guess it is made up of the flour stuff. Tracy says it was yummy. I choose to have a Mocha Latte but i didnt like it. Stuck to my Chinese tea in the end The mocha latte had a strange coconutty taste - bleargh. Star Bucks & Coffee Bean are the best anytime.

FF likes Tong Sui so she ordered Snow fungus with Longan. Here is a shaky shot below. I need to get used to taking pictures under duress when everyone is hungry. No comments from her i assume it is ok :)
Since there were 6 of us, each one decided to order one 1 dish- i only managed to take a few shots as when the food came everyone forgotten about pictures and started to eat- We were actually starved. Starting off with Tifa's Spicy Sze Chuan Noodles with seafood. Not bad. Thumbs up from everyone. I wonder whether they have a Vegetarian version?

Next was Tracy's contribution - Fried Rice with Salted Fish. This is a very simple dish with chicken, salted fish and vegetables. I find this one of the great chinese comfort food. Something my mom used to make when I was younger but stopped as too much salted fish aint good for you. However eating it once in a while is Ok. I quite like this dish because of the salty taste - however- for the chicken would have preferred Chicken breasts instead of thigh meat. :p .... All in all - i give this a 2 paws up dish. Next, came my contribution which is Sui Kow. I am always a fan of this dish and every time i go to any noodles store i will look for this. Another blog another time - but there are other places which great Sui Kow is served. It is a so so dish. Filled with pork, prawns and wood fungus ... it is not too bad but i have eaten better. Here is a shot of the Sui Kow. Looks large and succentlent doesnt it?

And the final food shot ... that had a few food shots inside..... Here is WHJ tackling the Peanut butter toast. We ordered one and he was requested to cut it into bite sizes pieces for all. In the fore ground you see LTC's contribution of Salted Prawns. The prawns aint bad, i am a prawn-holic so to me it was quite tasty. The peanut butter french toast was so so. Everyone agreed that Kim Gary's is better. I think it is the peanut butter used. Had this strange smell to it.

A shot of the photo ambience. With some hong kong scenes to make you feel like you are in HK. I think this is an ok restaurant. I mean in LY, there is nothing really great to eat, so eating here once in a while is not bad. I do remember their Siew Yoke/Char Siew and siew ngap was quite nice. I might come back here to try again.

Location: Hong Kong Food Culture @ Low Yatt
Address: Kuala Lumpur

Neko's verdict:
Tastiness: ***

Service: **
Price: ***, cheap eats
Will Neko come back here: Yes, once in a while :)

* - Very Bad
**- Bad
*** Ok
**** Good
***** Fantastic! Sugoi!

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  1. hey I love this place too . In fact it's HJ( Green ) who intro to me this place during the CNY week when we came back to work on wed .In fact we went there twice that week . I have tried the duck rice , sai mai lo ( Love the mango one ) , nissin noodle with ham etc



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