Thursday, 22 March 2007

Candidates for the new puppy

It's time. Or so mom thinks, to get a new puppy. Mei-Mei's gone almost a month and more...(bless her soul) mom's craving for a puppy to cuddle. So we went candidate hunting last sunday.. I have realized that 4 people under the same roof can have very different ideas of what they want in a puppy.

The Children ( that's mua and bro ): want a cute dog. Preferably female. Golden Retriever if possible.
The parents ( neko otousan and okasan) : want a male dog. Cute is a must. No GR too expensive. Must must be male. Their theory is that male dogs have lesser health problems.

This is going to be a long puppy hunt......

My brother's choice - from SPCA - an German Sheperd Mix. Sorry bad pictures i am a bad photographer. She's quite cute and attentive. Gonna be a big dog.Dad's choice- after reading the SPCA magazine. Says the GR breeds look attentive.. Sigh.. did you just notice their choices all switch.

Mom's choice no pics... We had a puppy interview with my auntie's neighbour, though the candidate was cute, terriers are high maintainance- mom was disappointed.

My choice? Havent found the right one yet leh............Some how most dogs did not have mei mei's cute and adorable factor.

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