Saturday, 10 February 2007

Super Tanker- Damansara Kim(Non Halal Post)

It was what they called "Sau Kong" dinners before the start of new year, so 7 of us made our way to Damansara Kim to a restaurant called Super Tanker. Yes i am not kidding about the name. Located near the Damansara Hospital, you need to turn left after the Caltex Station and make a right, you cant miss this restaurant.
Not kidding about the name it is Super Tanker

Firstly the traffic from KL Sentral to Damansara was hell and secondly the place was pretty packed. Alot of people had their sau kong dinners there as well so it was lucky CK booked a room for the 7 of us.

Naturally since this close to CNY we had Salmon Yee Sang. Pretty colored dish with very thin slices of raw salmon. See the non speaking english/bm/cantonese waitress preparing the dish. She was not fast enough for me, i almost wanted to stand up and say "ah, let me do leh". Check out the middle picture... see the slices of fish on top of all the nuts? So this was followed by the tossing of Yee Sang and good wishes of more bonus, less problems etc... At last the finish dish. Don't you think we were messy? But i heard that is the tradition :)

I find the dish pretty small actually and too much on the nuts, it was not bad tasting, very refreshing but could be a bit more bulkier. The best is still found in Sri Kembangan's restaurant. Anyway- i still eat, am a sucker for yee sang.

Next dish was something "ching" as uli would say. It's kailan i think. Not too bad, it was nice and sweet b
ut the veg should be cut in more bitable pieces.. some bits were a bit huge i felt like a vampire with a green tongue!
We wallop this dish up pretty quick.

Ah the star of the night, - Suckling Pig. Ok i am not a big fan of this dish cos 1) too much pork fat here. 2) Kinda feel sorry for the piglet. This dish came with mantou and jelly fish but missing choong veggie that accompanies the piglet normally. I had one piece while the rest of them enjoyed it. Is jelly fish a normal accompaniment to this dish? Shiraneinah...

This was my second fav dish of the night- tofu with spinach embedded on the top. The tofu was really tasty and topped by what i think is sliced Abalone on top. This one is not bad. Too bad we did not have rice otherwise the sauce would have been real good with rice.

I think we were really into pork that night, it was followed by another pork dish that look like Loh chu yoke. Had lots of pork as you can see and this is the first time i have seen pork tendons with this. Was an ok dish, i was already full at this point. Thought the piece of pork i had, had porky smell. :P. So so only this dish.

The next 2 dishes aint that bad it was fried sotong with Onion rings and Yee Meen was a additional dish we ordered as the dishes were not too huge. The sotong dish was nice :) onion rings even nicer and yee meen, being a noodle girl, was great :) The noodles took a bit longer than expected to come as the place @ 10:00pm was still packed :P.

All in all this set us back about close to RM400 for 7 persons.

Super Tanker is located on JLN SS 20/10 in Damansara Kim, turn left right after the Caltex and immediately turn right up a hill. You can't miss the shop.

Neko's verdict:
Tastiness: ***
Service: ***
Price: **, though we had suckling pig- i think green view you can get for less.
Will Neko come back here: Maybe more for special occassions not for casual dinners.

* - Very Bad
**- Bad
*** Ok
**** Good
***** Fantastic! Sugoi!

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