Sunday, 4 February 2007

Siu Siu Restaurant Sg Besi Branch

After Aquaria- fren was hungry - so am i. Walking around for 2 1/2 hours got me a bit peckish. So i had stuff planned, knowing he's a bigger eater than me- i picked up Siu Siu Restaurant of Jalan Sg Besi. Mashi recommended this place many times and they are famous for their Crab Claypot rice. And i hear everyone going ... what??

Firstly- this place is hard to find. We missed it 3 times! At the 3rd time- we almost ran out of petrol... I was about
to call it quits looking at Fren's face. But then we prevailed and we finally made. Btw.... we had a good tour of the hill near tupai tupai restaurant. Yes we ended up there liao. :(

So.... here's the place..... WHY is there a shark there?? Fren commented he was sick of fish at the end of the da
y already.. KAKAKAKA. I like the way the place is decorated outside, in the middle of a highway we have like green spot in town.
SIU-SIU Shop Front

In side the shop

The place was not packed as you can see from this early shot but once we sat down and ordered people started to pile in. By the time we left the place was packed! We called for 4 dishes, egg foo yong, soup, veg and the Claypot Prawn rice... Eh?? Prawn rice.. Ya they were out of crabs, all the other diners earlier than us ordered up the crabs. Sigh ... so we settled for Sang Har Claypot.

There were only 2 large prawns in the claypot and the guy serving it will scoop it out, stir the rice and the prawns are put nicely on a plate for you to eat. It was a big pot for just the both of us and my eyes we
re big as dinner plates when i look at the rice pot. Me being neko, is really a small eater.... lucky we did not order too many dishes.. The prawns were actually really fresh and i like the sweet taste of this. The rice was as per normal clay pot rice. Suprisingly nice combination of seafood and rice.

Succelent Prawns

Not sure what veggie this was, i think it was some chinese cabbage, but being a vegetable loving neko, this was nice... i like the sweet taste of the veggie. I think i polished most of this.

I missed out mentioning the soup earlier. Not sure what is in the soup- but it was ok. I did not like that funny taste in the soup very much but drank it anyway as it is probably going to cost me a lot. i believe the put ling zhi? or something like that. Next time i have to ask what is inside so i can write better.

Soup of the day

Finally, we had egg foo yong. I did not get a good shot of this arggh..... well. I was truly full at this point but we manage to finish the veg/egg and there were some rice left over. Fren usually eats more than me but even he was at "Genkai" already. This is a not so great shot of the egg in the back ground

Neko's bad shot of the egg foo yong

Where is Siu Siu?
Sungai Besi:
1 Jalan Kampung Satu Seksyen 93, Jalan Sungai Besi, 57100 Kuala Lumpur

Neko's verdict:
Tastiness: ***
Service: ***
Price: **
**, Reasonable, we paid RM70 for two persons because of the prawn and the soup
Will Neko come back here: YES, i want to eat the crab!! PS: They do CNY dinners as well for those who are lazy to cook at home. Comes in a set so check it out

* - Very Bad
**- Bad
*** Ok
**** Good
***** Fantastic! Sugoi!

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