Sunday, 11 February 2007

Grumpy Neko on Saturday

I had one of those days yesterday, where the sun was shining but the day got grumpier and grumpier for me....

Firstly- someone took my car out and did not shut the door properly causing me to think that my car alarm was not working... ended up driving back home only to realise it was my car door... baka neko neh....
Secondly- my mouse really decided to die on me... i am not sure if my USB drive has decided it has given up but my pink logitech tikus definitely does not work.
Thirdly - had bad service in Chilli's OneU. The waitress was on her first day of job and gave our table up to someone else. Extra waiting minutes...
Fourth: So crowded in OneU. Neko hates crowds and did not buy anything.... :(

At the end of the evening i just went home and slept.... only good thing i did yesterday was to exercise! Sweated it out with a mild jog after and felt i did not feel so pooped. Sun is good today... maybe it is time for neko to back into the pool liao.

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