Sunday, 4 February 2007

Nostalgic Kuih Kuih

Otou-san is pretty indulgent with me this few days :) since mei-mei's passing. I sort of persuaded him to buy Kuih from the local SS15 shop near my place.{Note: The persuasion stops or is ignored when i asked him for a kitten }. i actually love local kuih and during one of the MSN chats with my colleague on friday evening ( YY: this post is for you!! } got me craving for this. The shop by the way is at Kwai Sun Food Court in SS15 subang. He only sells local kuih so far i have seen. You have those like
  • Kau Chang Koh ( 9 layer kuih )
  • Onde-Onde
  • Kuih Talam
  • Kaya with the glutinous rice.
  • Kuih tayap? ( that green roll thingy with coconut inside )
  • Green Ang Koo - though i am more towards the red ones
He's not too cheap though a box is about 1.70 with 2 pieces each. Anyway - they should be tasty. Smells lovely..... Do you all remember those days where you can easily find these stuff all over the place?

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