Saturday, 3 February 2007

Bye Bye Mei Mei 2nd February 2007

Twas a sad 2nd February 2007 for me. After a week of going down hill, we had to put mei-mei to sleep. She was seriously not doing well on 1st Feb, vomitting even when water was ingested and had no energy. After her shower ( because she slept in her vomit ) she started to shiver, little bro and i had to actually put a lot of blankets and hot water bottles to warm her up. Seeing her shiver there frightened me and for the first time in my life i actually felt helpless. I think at that point of time i realised she was really suffering. My heart broke when she pushed away her favourite chicken food.

Anyway after discussion with dad/mom, we decided that was best for her and 12:00pm on 2/02 we put her to sleep. Or rather mom and dad did the job. i was too chicken to do it. :(. Mei-mei - hope you are happy where ever u are.. Thanks for all the time you put up with me dressing you up, giving you bear hugs and that cute doggy smile you had when i fed you whatever i was eating during dinner/breakfast lunch. We miss you tonnes!!
Parting Shot: We miss you - from Mom, Dad, PT and neko!

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