Thursday, 1 February 2007

Sad Day-Mei Mei is not getting better

Since i last posted- Mei Mei seems to get from bad to worse. She no longer can keep her food in and simple things make her just throw up. She is so weak now. Last Monday- dad and i took her to vet and the vet says she has megaesophagus. That is when the esophagus muscles are weak and are not able to push food down normally. He recommended syringe feeding and putting mei mei upright to eat. She was ok for a day or so but then now she has taken a turn for worse. In fact she was shivering this morning... sometimes i have no idea what to do. SMSed Fren to tell him i have no idea what to do and dun think he could advice me anymore... ended up crying on the phone to him .. *malu*

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