Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Skewers Restaurant and Bar

I am quite amused to know restaurants are also tagged as social hotspots, while i was reading the Skewers website. And it is pretty true that restaurants to some what merge with bars + food outlet where people can sit and drink and also eat. Food now has evolved from bar food to more substantial food.  Subang is a predominantly Japanese (woohoo!) and Chinese food area. ( How many suburbs can boast Japanese as a predominant food culture, eh ) but now you see a lot of more this different outlets popping up. And Skewers is one of these places.

I met up with some colleagues ( ex and otherwise ) for a dinner here... Good thing about this place, Ample Parking. Bad thing - confusing parking under ground. What is all this turning around and around nie....  Skewer's crowd fills normally after 8'ish but i guess it fills earlier now with World Cup. One thing though, the place is pretty dark for photography and my flash acted under the weather that day ... so .. if you want to do food photography, bring a lighting assistant or more changgih manggih flash like my new SB900 :) .. I thank god for .... processing in RAW!


I was quite amused the table and chairs look like ... my old canteen kinda chairs, long with benches. Actually it looks more like Camping ground chairs and benches! However, if you want somewhere you can lounge, go right in at the end.. where you can get pillows and etc.. Also it's an open kitchen concept, so you get to see them cookin' while you be eatin'

Now back to the food.... Skewers serve food that are on . .. skewers of course. It's mostly grilled food but there is also burgers and other stuff if you are not into grilled stuff. Note! Please note the grilled stuff comes with salad or pasta or potato mash. I was misguided into thinking it was small dishes, luckily the two owners came to our rescue otherwise we would have popped!


I couldn't resist this when i saw this on the menu. Bangers and mash. Ok not quite the name i think but sausages and mash are normally my all time favorite. I like the combo of sausages + veg, to balance the salty ( and also hot ) with something cool and neutral. I could have eaten all 4 sticks if there was no one there. -_- ( i so piggy ) If you need your greens, the dish comes with a side salad and a pineapple grilled with cinnamon and a side dish of Mash. The mash, could be smoother though. I'd prefer it smooth rather than chunky.


Our next dish ... is lemongrass chicken , i think! Despite the color and giving a perception it is dry, actually it is not. Pretty tender inside and anything with lemongrass ( i hope it is ) is always good in my books. There's that pineapple again on the left hand side.

I am not sure why i ordered prawn because i hate peeling the skin and all, but decided for grilled prawns that night. This dish was ok,... i guess i was bowled over by the sausage that time -_-. In fact i was contemplating during this time... whether i should order another plate of sausages! Some how, this picture looks as if the prawns are begging *dun eat me!*

Everyone's favorite beer food, Chicken Wings. Best eaten with fingers, especially chicken wings.

I was there during the soft launch, i don't remember seeing the dessert menu, now i look @ other people's post, eh ... got tiramisu pulak! But we got to try this dish they were experiment thing, which was call Sinful Trio. It's fried batter with either nutela, kaya or peanut butter inside. I keep getting Peanut butter though -_________-  i so wanted Kaya.  We did give feedback it would be better if the insides were oozing :) ... ada more *kick*

Overall, if you want a place to chat at the same time grab a quick bite but not a small bite, Skewers can't go wrong.

Since it is WORLD CUP now, you get to drink and watch Football in HD! Check it out on their website :

Oh, if you are a fan of super huge burgers ( they have the Ultimate Glutton Burger)... I know some people are, you can try this one out. I will stick to my sticks ;)

Ok, i am tired. Need to koon. ... Back to my old posts for next week.

The Locale:
SG-01, Subang Avenue Shopping Complex
Jalan Kemajuan Subang, 47500 Subang Jaya,


  1. koon? are you hokkien? hehehe.
    skewers.. nice name. but no idea where is this subang avenue.

    will be going to ss13 for ayam kampung later~

  2. eh no lah. but i learned it from my singaporean housemates in uni.. I love Koon!

    So how was your ayam kampung?

  3. the restaurant is called hassan or something, near the giant there.
    somewhere in glenmarie.

    nice and tender, but a bit on the expensive side.

    you know the lg1 foodcourt here sometimes also have the ayam kampung, but it is way too hard.

    do you like them?

  4. Hmm i am ok with ayam kampung, frankly - i can't tell the diff but as long as it is tender i wallop! Eh where you work? So near Glenmarie? So do i! For the timebeing

  5. oooh the sinful trio... would like to have that again.. wonder if they have it on their permanent menu now.

  6. no la. currently i'm based in kl sentral. that day went to subang for meeting, that's why we stopped by glenmarie@shah alam. yum yum. since you work there, you might as well go there for lunch everyday!

  7. LE: Yup, sinful trio is now on permanent menu!

  8. looks pretty good!

  9. @ky: it was not bad :) good place to sit and chat and eat. Wanna try? i intro you to the owner :D

  10. It is very big portion?

  11. @Horlic: for me yes, i am a small eater



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