Sunday, 20 June 2010

La Suisse @ Plaza Damansara

My first time blogging from my home town. Using my aunt's pc after fixing the printer for her, thought i will catch up with some blogging while waiting for some football scores..This by the way ... is another May posting -_-... i wonder when i will catch up with June pictures. Maybe in... August?

Any hoo... i was at Plaza Damansara a few weeks back and decided to try this Swiss restaurant. My friends Mashi and LW mentioned it before, the place serves good swiss food, though they have only been here once or twice if i am not mistaken but this outing was not with them.

La Suisse is a rather unassuming place and been around town for some time. At 7:30pm, the place was not really packed. And it's a trend in the area of Plaza Damansara, the dinner crowd is not as strong as the lunch crowd. However, that German beer haus is always packed to the brim, probably it serves beer. La Suisse is also not a place for ambiance, so if you are looking for the Cafe Cafe feel, er... think again. However, the food here surprised me a bit.

Swiss Buns, if you please.

Actually, there are one or 2 swiss restaurants around town and this is my first time trying Swiss food. ( Marche is an exception ) and true to swiss food, cheese is on every particular dish! Fried Cheese, Grilled Cheese, Cheese in your crab... ... etc... So if you are not too fond of cheese, this is not the place for you. Can't remember if the infamous blue cheese was on the menu though.


Starters are a plenty in La Suisse, i of course ordered my Crab Gratin. I can't say no to crab and will normally order whatever that is on the menu with crab. This was stuff crab baked in Cheese sauce... I must say one bite and you are hooked. Didn't know the Swiss did crab well!  I loved this dish, it's stuffed with lots of other stuff i cannot tell what, besides the crab and the sauce goes well with bread they provide at the beginning of the meal.

Our next dish was Raclette, which is a real traditional Swiss dish. It is a type of cheese, which is also the name of the dish! So according to Wikipedia! The cheese is served piping hot with gherkins and some small potatoes. If you look at the color of the plate, you know it's hot off the oven. Word of warning, eat it hot. When it's cold, anything cheesy is just plan jelakky.

But wait! There is more cheese dish... we ordered Cheese Balls. I am quite sure there is this fancy name here but being the lousy food blogger i am, i can't remember it!  It's made up of bread with melty cheese inside. How do the Swiss stay so slim? I had half of this and decided since i have mains don't think i can finish the rest!
Cheese Balls Before Operation
Cheese balls, after operation

Interestingly, i love the next dish but i did not ordered it. Was ordered by Foodpoi, who joined us for dinner and the name of this dish is actually ... Zurcher Geschnetzeltes. The english name? Veal with Rosti? Actually this dish originates from the region of Zurich. It's cooked in cream and mushroom sauce and served with Rosti. The veal is cooked tenderly, no toughness and eating the rosti makes me of the time i was in Europe :) where rosti is a popular breakfast dish. The sauce is pretty excellent, i guess it goes well even with Pasta or bread. Those who love their meats, should really try this dish.

Having eaten that, i thought my salmon was quite ... plain in comparison. .... :P  It's just my perception lah. And actually at this point, i was full the brim. The fish was quite nice, the yellowish sauce is actually hollandaise sauce if i am not mistaken. And funnily enough, the veggie was fried in some kind of oil. Not like our fried kai lan, but i would have preferred it broiled. I must say i didn't manage to finish this, not because it was not nice but remind me next time the size of my stomach and the actual contents i can stuff in, is actually quite a vast difference!

uLi, ordered a chicken dish, with a big slab of Cheese on top! I am quite sure it was nice, but like me, she was probably quite full that time already. I thought her veggies would be a better way to be served, steamed rather than oil drip.


The waiters and waitress were extra friendly, probably because we were the only people there. However, sometimes they seem to not know what's in the menu :)  Never mind, we sort of figured it out after the dish arrived! They were super nice though, to allow us to try some port wine which i thought was lovely!

For dessert, Food Poi, ordered a coffee, cream + alcohol drink. Looks pretty actually, i love the color of the cup and the drink together in this picture.

Ok folks, my next destination for travel.. will definitely be Switzerland ...  Yodel-Ay-Ee-Oooo!  The alpine walks will make me lose weight ...

Other fehmes bloggers that have gone here are 3iling, masak-masak,

La Suisse Restaurant
Plaza Damansara
Damansara Heights
Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: 603 - 2094 6587


  1. I miss the Crab Gratin and Cheese very much leh.....

  2. I like my roesti, and preferably with loads of sinful butter and cheese. Forget about the veal .... :)

  3. I start to miss my potato roesti already ... somemore had a similar type of food last 2 days for lunch after photo shoot with yew li ....

  4. You know, the last time i came here, which was a while ago (2-3 years maybe, I wasn't all that impressed... Looking at your pictures.. I might head back.

  5. @Uli: OD Event! OD Event!
    @j2kfm: i love both actually! The sauce was awesome here..
    @FoodPoi: hehehe... betty's midwest issit?
    @Joyce: Yeah, it ain't as ambient as some places but it shocks you when you eat the food. They have nice port though, i could go for that one little tiny RM12 CUP!

  6. I don't have chance try any Swedish food, btw how's the pricing there?

  7. @mimi: ooh this is actually Swiss food... It's a bit on a pricey side but the portions are huge. Recommend to share.

  8. just realised you had a post on la suisse when i had to google their number cos i was gonna make a booking and realised i stored the wrong number.

    we come here quite often but dad always makes the booking... and i'm crazy about the raclette. really like that it's a cosy unassuming and completely unpretentious place to have a good meal



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