Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Homecooked Meals- Four Angled Beans with Belacan.

Ah ...  i am lazy to write a long post.....  ( my mentalist season 2 is calling me.... )  So i thought i will do a home cooked meal post. Sometimes i look at the pictures i have in my camera, i am so lazzzzzzzzzzzzzy to download it :P  ... that is why i am not so a successful blogger. Hampered by laziness and totally and completely distracted. 
Four Ankle Beans-001
I chose a rather green recipe to talk about today which is Four Angled Beans. You must be wondering what so special about it, actually no but this dish reminds me of my childhood in Damansara Utama, where the garden as bigger, the neighbours were more into plants then renovating the house to look like a mini Southfork ( think Dallas) and since there was no PS2, internet or anime during that time, i was more interested in what grows in the garden. Now? I am more fond of the fungi that is growing wildly under my orchid shade :D Ok, i do have some cactus which are quite happy on my plant ledge. 

As a kid, my parents tend to grow a lot more vegetables than they do now. Now they grow what i called fail looking custard apple from Australia, failed Rose plant from Italy, failed Lavender from Australia! ( ... don't ask how they got it ) and skinny guava but veggies are not part of their to grow list as it requires a lot more TLC. But as a kid, they grew chilli, four angled beans, cucumbers ( yes we had a mini green house in the garden ), sweet potatoes and ubi kayu as well.  I like the four angled beans as it was a climbing plant and you just pop it near a fence and it will wind itself up the fence.  When it was time for harvesting, we'd be eating this for 2 weeks or so.... T_T....  But ... till this day now, i think if i were to buy a house, i'd prefer one with a garden so that i can tinker around growing things next time.

Anyway fresh four angled beans are lovely. Our supplier now is the local grocer, 5 minutes away.  Mom cooks four angled beans normally with dried shrimps chopped finely, fresh chillies and onion along with some belacan. The smell is unbeliveable. And i could just eat this alone with white rice.  And it's quite simple to make you can substitute this with other veggies like kangkong. 

Four Ankle Beans-002 copy

Ok, there ... mom should be pleased today, i have posted some home cooking for her today :D. I have started calling these photo tags as Okasan no Daidokoro ( meaning mom's kitchen ) And she wants her char siew post next.


  1. My Mentalist Season 2 is waiting for me also...

  2. @joyce: i need mentalist season 2, part 3. :D



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