Thursday, 1 April 2010

Haikara Style Cafe and Bakery @ E-Tiara, Subang

I am currently typing my blog with 9 fingers now, thanks to a garden accident involving dog baths... T_T.....   Oh.. the pain! :(  I now fully understand when people say they are going to pass out from the pain)  So... apologies if there are any spelling errors here.

If you don't know by now, ... Subang has a very high population of Japanese restaurants. I mean it is like a little Tokyo here for restaurants. And i am... sincerely thankful. Since this Kitteh eats a lot of Japanese food and is a total aficionado for anything ( or most things ) Japanese.  If you give me a choice of restaurants, normally i will veer towards Japanese. In fact if we our chosen restaurant fails us ( i.e, not open, too crowded ) we normally make a beeline for Japanese food. Mashi calls it "safe food" as we like it all the time!

Now, back to the Japanese restaurants ( excluding things like Sakae and Sushi Zanmai ) we have places in SS15 hosting Tomoe, Rakuzen, Sumi-ka, Hyotan, Ryu-Men-Tei, that-kobe-beef-place, Shun in SS12, Ajidokoro (katsu place ), there are also some japanese style cafes and bakeries sprouting up. The one closes to my place is Haikara Style Cafe and Bakery.  Run by a husband and wife team, this shop serves mainly Western food done with a Japanese touch. The shop is done up with simple western style furniture with cute touches of japanese paraphernalia all around the shop.

Haikara Style Cafe & Bakery-016

Despite it's small interior, the shop was pretty full during 1pm lunch hour, with more Japanese patrons than local. I guess the japanese people know where to get good food around town as well. I'd always thought japanese styled western food was strange initially, but after tasting a few places, i find i prefer the japanese styled western food. Less cheesy than your normal western food and more towards my taste.  I don't hesitate to eat this now. (Besides the usual sushi and all )

Service is a bit slower here because it is only a 3 man show here, with a cook behind.  There are set lunches available or you can select from an ala-carte menu. This wee little shop does have a lot to offer even on their ala-carte.

Mashi when for the set lunch of beef steak(Haikara Steak) with rice. The set comes with soup and salad.  Don't be fooled by the color of paleness here and that it looks raw but actually it is not. I think it is lightly fried.
Haikara Style Cafe & Bakery-007
The portions are rather generous here so prepared to be full. There is also a side dish that is served with the rice, i think it's mushrooms sauteed lightly.  Taste feedback? Excellent according to mashi.

Haikara Style Cafe & Bakery-011

I decided for the Beef stew with pasta. You can choose to order this with rice instead but i was sick of rice for the past few days and decided to go for pasta instead. I love the pairing of this sauce with pasta but i think it will taste even more fantastic with rice. This is more of a western style beef style and i think wine is used in this, to give this that lovely flavor. I didn't order the set, but this dish comes with the lovely bun that is currently very bokehed behind :D. I think this is the bestest butter roll i have ever eaten! It is served not cold but lightly warmed up and you can tear it up to little pieces to wipe the sauce of the stew up. The beef was quite tender as well, nice cuts were used for the stew. And i love the veggie and stew... *Umai!!*

You can't pass up a visit to Haikara without trying their cakes and bread, so despite feeling like ... a whale, we had to try their cakes. Mashi went for the caramel eclair while i was amused by the charcoal cake. :D. I don't think it is goma ( black sesame, but i have not figured out what they have put inside the black cake! ). I heard the green tea cake has mochi in the middle.
Haikara Style Cafe & Bakery-013

Haikara Style Cafe & Bakery-014
If you like really sweet stuff, the eclair is for you. It looks like a 3 eyed caterpillar to me - hehehe. By the way, the awesomesauce bread i had with my stew is available to be bought separately. Haikara also supplies their breads to the japanese snacks / grocery chain of Shojikiya. Prices of the bread are a little bit higher than your normal bakery but it is worth the price. And Haikara prides themselves in serving bread that is healthy for you. You can read their www for details of what they put in.

Mashi had coffee that day and every thing in this shop is so cute! Check out the itty bitty milk holder. When the proprietor brought this out... first thing i said was KAWAII!!!!  Compared to the size of my lens cap, it was small and enough milk for that cup of coffee! Oh, the other white pot is for the sugar.

Haikara Style Cafe & Bakery-003

I think we are pretty much sold on the food here. There is also lots of variety you can choose from ( check out their website for the menu) and i love how you can order the curry here by "strength of spicey-ness". Ichi for mild ( 1) while Go ( 5 ) for super hot! Ichi-kudasai! If you are ever, near Subang and hope for a hearty meal here, please try out this place. You will not be disappointed.
Haikara Style Cafe & Bakery-001

It closes on Monday and make sure you reserve a place if you have a big crowd. Also, the folks here speak mostly Japanese, it's so quaint to watch! I know, i know, i miss Japan :D especially at this time of the year. ... Btw, i was so full that day, i skipped dinner. Buta-neko! Me wants their Mentaiko pasta next.

Other floggers that at here: Masak Masak, Futari no Saru ( the 2 monkeys :D), Eiling and Shellfood station etc..

Haikara Style Cafe & Bakery (They are even on FACEBOOK!)
Tel 03-5630-0743

Business Hour
・Tuesday-Thursday: 11:00am - 11:00pm(10:30pm Last order)
・Friday and Saturday: 10:00am - 11:00pm(10:30pm Last order)
・Sunday: 10:00am - 6:30pm(6:00pm Last order)


  1. Ah, glad you love Haikara! You just reminded what a gem I have nearby. Must go try that beef stew.

  2. @Boo:Yes, it is a pretty awesome dish... *sigh* i can still smell it now...

  3. Yes, I read this first from Jasmine's blog sometime ago. But somehow, going over to E-Tiara in SJ is lost on me everytime I'm around PJ, or at the malls.
    Ben N Nick's the other one that I'm interested in.

  4. @J2KFM: When you are lost in SJ, give me a buzz! But this place is worth a visit. Haven't been to Ben's in ages, thought the drinks was a bit pricey. Must make a revisit soon to check if any changes.

  5. damn, it looks yummy.. :)

  6. How is the total price like?
    Comparable to Kampachi?

  7. @JS: U shud try it! for a quiet night out, this is a nice place. good food, good desserts.

    @ Bact: This is japanese western fusion, so not really comparative to Kampachii... but my beef was about rm22. I think just the 2 dishes + desserts + coffee is about 60+ ( excluding my friend's order of takeaway)

  8. My colleague raved about the food there last week. But I've been there yet. T_T

    Very cute and anime-ish banner!

  9. @JASON: thanks! Yes, this place is a gem like what boo says. Nice and cozy and damn good food

  10. I like the way you write this and the pictures speak a thousand words. One of my fav place as well. Cheers

  11. @Eiling: Thanks for your feedback :) made my day...

  12. My favourite japanese place ... ever :-)

    Cheesecake - To die for
    Katsu - Love it
    Coffee - Drooool!

  13. looks promising :) ive been meaning to give this a try. hopefully soon *fingers crosseD* i dont venture into subang jaya very often!

  14. @Julian Si: thanks for dropping by, yeah the food is super awesome here. The coffee smelt divine the last time my friend had it.

    @August Diners: It's worth the trip, look out for their daily specials.



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