Sunday, 28 March 2010

Ole Ole Bali @ Solaris, Hartamas

I was browsing my PC for old pics I might not have done a post on and  i can't believe i forgot about this place. It's pretty old in a sense, a lot of foodies have come here and posted, however the journey to this restaurant ... was a nightmare actually. I think i practically went round one end of KL till the end. As a result, the next 2 weeks i shunned events on Friday. Malaysian traffic are traumatizing actually.  Hence the reason why i forgotten about this post... Denial. Is good.

Like the frog above, i prayed happily when i arrive... but since i don't drink, the beer is not mine. I had avokat juice to be exact ( avocado juice-  i miss my balinese days )...  Actually the event was for a surprise birthday celebration that was not really "surprised" in the end. Well for one, we didn't hide anyway to yell surprise... the second... er. the birthday boy spotted us before we could say boo! Nevertheless, i hope he had a good night, that day and have many more birthday's to come.  ( We also thought .... we were the biggest lamp posts that night - when it should be a more romantic dinner with him and the wifey - hehehehe )

That night's choice of food was Indonesian food. Ole Ole Bali is on the main road of Solaris, serving Indonesian food from Bali. This place is halal, so don't expect Babi Guling to appear ( very Balinese dish ). Now, i am not sure if this real balinese food because i have eaten some of this in Bandung but decoration wise, this place is definitely very balinese. Check my flickr link for more pics. I also missed out on the last outing here for FF's farewell, i was busy packing for Europe that time.

While waiting for one or two other persons, we ordered some bites first. Actually they were not bites but really part of a main meal. Food comes in big baskets here ( like the ones you use to harvest padi ) and i like the rustic feel of it. The 3 dish platter (Ole-Ole Trio) of BBQ Chicken wings, fried Cumi ( sotong , not of cumi and ciki :D ) and Satay Lilit. The sauce that is next to the far left is pretty awesome ( and we discovered it only till the end ). This dish is enough to feed 5 people.

I very much like the wings. Well marinated and not dry.  Satay lilit was much better than the one i had in Bali. That was a forgettable experience in Bali. The cumi was nice and crunchy. Surprisingly after leaving it for a while it still maintained it's crunchiness.

Another round of Cumi on it's own. Must be sotong was the flavor for that night. But no complaints here, thoroughly finished. I skipped the white sauce though. It goes better with chilli sauce.(P/S: White sauce is actually tartar sauce )

Indonesian food is not Indonesian food without perennial favorites, so i was looking high and low for Gado-Gado. They do not have that but there is a similar dish here known as which is known as Tipak Cantuk. This was okay though, i would have preferred the ones i had in Bandung ( yes, i know. I like food in Bandung alot! )


Some other food to keep us going, appetizers were not enough. Slightly blurry pics here ...  but still can see the food lah :).... This is a rice dish that comes with sotong, prawns and some fish if i am not mistaken. Yes, it's called Nasi Campur Be Pasih. Not too bad, spicy and aromatic as typical Indonesian food.

One of my friends was fascinated with the side dish. He says it tastes pretty good. I thought it was bitter gourd though. Actually it is not, I think it was in the end french beans. I noticed they added tempeh here and coconut. Kinda strange tasting.

The last dish we had were the lamb rice or Kambing Bumbu. This was ok, i thought the lamb smelt a bit gamey or either that i was pretty full the brim with the other stuff i was eating. All the rice dishes come with some condiments and a big piece of keropok.

I think this place is not too bad but a tad pricey if you need cravings for Indonesian food. But size wise, oh.. this is so shareable. I don't think i could have finish the basket above.  There are some much cheaper Indonesian food around ( but the places could be dodgy T_T ). However, for a gathering of friends, this is a nice place to be. Though there are no pictures, the drinks were pretty awesome ( Avocado drinkers take note! They have a superb version here ) and also some good dessert choices. Es Campur anyone??

Hope someone had a good b'day .... unfortunately we were not very good at the surprise part!  Which reminds me.... time for another trip to Indonesia... :)

Ole-Ole Bali Solaris Mont Kiara ( www )
Lot 15 & 16 Ground Floor Block J Soho KL
Solaris Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-6204 9688
Fax: +603-6204 9698

P/S: No frogs or statues were harmed in this post.


  1. Now you made me wonder should I be on my way to Bandung-Jakarta instead!
    try the Uma in Kota Damansara, not bad. The cook learned from his stint in Bali.

  2. @J2KFM: hmm ok, i will be there next week for a photography course, so i will check it out! Go bandung leh! Food is awesomesauce there!

  3. Must go for vegetarian after a meal here cause it's too meaty, hehe :-)

  4. @mimi: i think i needed detox after that. So much fried stuff hehehehe.

  5. Oh, go try Waterlily nearby Tropicana too. I heard the food were pretty good from a friend who is staying nearby.



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