Tuesday, 23 March 2010

It's a Noodle Bar @ BV2

Food is always a good accompaniment to good company, however sometimes company can be good but food might not be so. I met up with FF and C for dinner a week ago to catch up on old times. I enjoy the company of a small group of 3-6 rather than a whole gang of 20-30 sometimes because it's easier to chat and catch up. Sometimes my cat-like nature falls into real life as I seem to prefer quiet rather than boisterous. And sip tea... maybe or sit on a sun spot to snooze. *meow*. 
It's a noodle bar-011
Anyway, we didn't want to go far from C's office @ Plaza, so we met up at BV2. Since then, BV2 has a few new places open up like For Goodness Sake and It's a noodle bar. I heard and read about this place via LL's website and also walking past it once or twice and damn, i am sucker for restaurant with strange names. I might not like themed restaurants but throw me a weird name restaurant and i will be there faster than you can say "off with her head!"
It's a noodle bar-008

It's a noodle bar-009

It's a quirky place actually. I feel as if i was in some distorted Alice in Wonderland's living room. Where lamps are supposed to be on the ground or on a table, it's up hanging on the ceiling. Did someone eat too many magic mushrooms :)? I would be however, quite interested to put a blackboard wall in my kitchen next time, as it adds to this quirky look in the kitchen, where people can scribble notes, recipes on top. ( Cue: Strange stares from my mother when i mentioned it to her that day ) Anyway, I.A.N.B is next to For Goodness Sake and you can other dishes from both places, if you feel that you need a combination of both dishes.
It's a noodle bar-010

In the midst of discussing epidurals and baby talk ( one of the ladies in the group was preggers ), we ordered some appetizers. I think this was about the best dish of the night! This is prawn and squid balls with cheese. RM5 for 3 appetizers. I think the top is made of fried yam or something but this is quite an interesting taste. Thumbs up for this.
It's a noodle bar-013

Each of us decided to order a bowl of noodle since noodle is the specialty here. C ordered the Beef Soba noodles. Comes in a rather large bowl here but portions are not really large. Her verdict? So so only. However it was still quite alright as she did finish up the whole bowl.
It's a noodle bar-014
I wanted something spicy but not too rich that night, and i always have preference for Indonesian noodles because of the excellent Mee Te-tek i had in Bandung, so when i saw the Indonesian noodles,  i had to try it. I must say this dish requires a lot of work on it to make it a better dish. It is spicy. Everyone tried the noodles and concluded it was. Pink cheeks are a sign of flushed complexion due to rather hot chilli. And the taste could do some work. It feels as some one dumped a packet of chilli powder or curry powder in this dish. There are no stronger flavors that you can ascertain from this dish itself except either chilli powder or curry powder. The noodles itself were fresh, i will give them credit for that.
 It's a noodle bar-015
FF ordered Assam laksa that night because she wanted sour but proclaimed her dish to be bland as well. Or not so.. exciting. How can assam laksa be so unexciting? :) I guess it means, it can't beat the ones we have at Penang ( I remember the one she took us to ) or the ones we had at the hawker stalls. I have this thing with the sauces for dishes being placed in the spoon. I always think you should put it separately ( though it does look nicer ) for what if the person does not want the sauce? Where are they going to put it?
It's a noodle bar-016

After my spicy noodles, i needed something to cool down my burning tongue. We ordered tong sui for desserts and this was not too bad though. Saved by the desserts. I like the Sea Coconut with longan and ginseng and they had with ICE.

It's a noodle bar-017

So after all these comments, would i eat here again? Probably not the noodles but for more of the starters which seems interesting. I think some of their noodle dishes need some improvement as you can get better quality ones for some of the dishes at other stalls. Maybe it's new and needs a bit of fine tuning.  Service wise, the place is excellent, the waiter(s) were attentive and kept refilling our cups ( well we were there for at least 3 hours ).  Price wise, this place is also not bad, luckily they did not charge me an arm or leg otherwise i would have fainted like the white rabbit. I would at the moment, stick to my hawker stall Assam laksa then.

It's a Noodle Bar ( I.A.N.B) 
2F-29, Bangsar Village II,
No. 2, Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru, KL.


  1. @ll: Yes... and it is tastier than this dish...

  2. Those hanging table lamps seem like quite dangerous, once it falls......

  3. @mimi: Hopefully not :) sit next to the wall then.

  4. Quirky indeed. Off with their heads! Hahhaa ... literally.

  5. @J2KFM: :) Does look like those alice in wonderland situations.



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