Thursday, 4 March 2010

Lemongrass Prawns

LemonGrass Prawns-002 

Before i knew a whiff of lemongrass, i would have thought the name of this dish is nothing extraordinary. But now that i am familiar with the foodie goddess, i chuckle every time my mother cooks this dish called Lemongrass Prawns. I'd be amuse that i have a dish named after my food blog! Which makes me think i should have chosen my blog name more carefully!!

As mentioned before i am starting a series on Home cooked food because ( aiya not because i am on a budget or anything ) but i like to feature some of the things people eat differently at home. I am also trying to feature more unique stuff my mom makes. Also, besides all the eating out, nothing beats home cooking especially in terms of health. It's always less salty, less fatty and probably done with a whole lot of TLC to make it tasty. I share my mother's love of cooking - ( however, i doubt i want to cook in the same kitchen as her /:) .... *grin* ) and can't wait to have my own kitchen to cook.

My aunties are less than pleased i want to photograph their food because none of them can cook as good as my mom! ( i am so biased here ) And my mom never fails to get impressed when she looks at her food pictures on my pc.  Just the other day, i took a picture of  her beef stew and while i was adjusting the exposure and the brightness to perk the pics up, she was giving me her "backseat" directions of why the other picture i took must should be the one on the blog. Her only reason was the first picture.. did not show case the carrots in her dish. -__________- ...  Ah....... next she will ask for royalties from my foodbuzz clicks. 

Ok back to the dish. Lemongrass prawns is something inherited from my maternal grandmother. She, like my mom was an excellent cook and had to cook for a family of 30+  along time ago ( 4 families stayed in the same house - my mother did not have 30+ siblings lah ) and i think it feels like cooking for chap fan shop if there are 30+ people. According to my mom, the menu is different every day and nothing is repeated in the week.  So imagine the creativity you need to feed 30+ people ( of varied tastes )

- Need fresh prawns of course, cleaned and deveined ( i can't stand it when prawns are not devein prawns - who wants to see poo in their food!! )
- Fresh chilli.
- Sticks of lemongrass
- Shallots
- Salt to taste

For the fresh ingredients, pound them till paste like. Heat up wok with oil and then fry paste in it. Once fragrant, add the prawns to the paste. Prawns cook pretty fast so once they are not translucent take it out. And serve with white rice.

This dish is incredibly easy to make and especially if you have potluck situations. My paternal grandma got the recipe off my mom and used to make it potluck post bible study. Goes well with rice and also even better as a dish for nasi lemak.


  1. lemongrass prawns look yummy, pls give the compliments to the chef!! I do love the title of your blog since neko hime is unusual in the sea of ordinary names we tag ourselves with.

  2. @Boo: chef tells me to tell you thank you :D. Hehehe funny how we all think each other's names are better i tot yours was pretty unique, i wouldn't have thought of it!

  3. Yar, I think on hindsight, I should have chosen a name not longer than 4 susah having to type such a long blog address...hehehe...

    Eh, your dish looks really delicious lah. I must try this recipe one day. More lemongrass recipes please! :-)

  4. i thought the whiff of lemongrass owner's cooked you some fried prawns..

    hey, sure it looks good. :) Can open a restaurant already la.

  5. @Bact: hehehe i told my mom that - but she says i need to do all the washing. :P

    @LL: Er me too. Or something more catchy in my case- i keep forgetting it for some reason! Ok on the recipes - let me go bug the cook more. hehehe.



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