Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Fullhouse @ Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, darn, it's another farewell


Yes, 2010 is a year of farewells. Most of the posts seem to fall under "farewells"  - however, if there are no farewells there are no changes and no new challenges and people don't grow. Or so i think :)  My ex colleague has quit her job to do bible studies for 6 months in Singapore. Which i find amazing, in this day and age, young people take religion seriously. I am sure she will do well in her endeavors and hope to see her 6 months down the line.

I salute the organiser who had to look for a location that was cheap, good parking ( since Kayu Ara, the complains were endless ) and food was good, finding a location for 18 different tastes buds and different needs is a challenge. However, i find to be really honest, this is quite a tall order in K.L. Where you can have A, you might not have B, let alone A,B,C together at the same time. Well. I am not really sure how Fullhouse fits here in this case. (Btw: i wanted to get this post out of the way because i wanted to start a serious of home cooking features next round - besides just eating out )

Fullhouse has been around for some time already in Malaysia, starting first at Ara Damansara and subsequently opening branches in KL and Sunway ( have not seen this there before one? ) KL seems to have a boom of this "theme-based" restaurants like, The garden, The apartment, there is even a toilet bowl one in Sg Wang which i simply refuse to go to. Call me traditional but still i can't stomach food that is placed to toilet bowl like .. bowl!


Back to Fullhouse - It is supposedly based on the Korean drama of the same name. Out of curiosity, i googled for Fullhouse pics and stumbled upon the Korean tourism site for Fullhouse. Does look like it :) Heck, in Korea, you can visit here the filming site as well.

Put Rain in here, i will come back to visit this place :)

Well Fullhouse does both Asian and Western food. Since i was sincerely sick of Asian food after the CNY gorging ( in my case biscuits ) i decided to go Western. I didn't really take all the food photos of what the 17 other people ate, just mine and what was floating in front of me.

The most popular order that night was the Wok Seared Chicken drumstick. Actually it tastes like Grilled Chicken with brown sauce topped with raisins. Comes with a serving of veggie ( carrots and a old er bok choy ) and a kick ass mashed potato ( i like this ). The meat is tender but my grip is... it's a wee bit small in terms of serving portions. Could have upped it on the size or have side dish of pasta to go with this.

Still a bit hungry, i called for 2 plates of Chicken wing and fried flower roll ( which is a FRIED MANTOU - hence no pics of this ) Not bad the chicken wing. Ok, i was hungry, so i ate 2 wings. They were piping hot. And you can't really go wrong with this. I have never had Chicken wings failed!
Some one ordered Soft Shell Crab, which floated past me in this state .... -_-  Looks tortured, the crab. 

One of my friends thought her fish tasted medicinal, ( the sauce caused it that way ) so she ordered the lamb chop.  I noticed the accompaniments started to look pretty similar after a few dish, mash potato, carrot and bok choy. Could use with some creativity here in salads.

We didn't try any Asian food, some people tried the dessert. I didn't hear any comments from those but I swear my ex colleague will never order the Lavender drink again! The drinks were a hit and miss, my Mango and Grape bubble tea like thingy was pretty awesome for RM6 bucks. My brother opted for something healthier and flowerly... Jasmine tea. Which the pot fascinated for a while.

Dinner ended pretty early this time around to my surprise. Probably due to the heat as well, because we were sort of sweating bullets during the whole dinner. Or was it just me that was sweating. Probably not me alone, alot of people had second round cold drinks. Plus the lights sorta heated up the place as well.

Would i come here again? Probably not, it's a bit kitschy for me as much as the place is pretty, i will take good food anytime, jam wise or not. (And satisfied my curiosity of this place)  And themed restaurants have never been my thing ( like the Dae Jeung Kam restaurant -... didn't appeal to me as well)   This place is good for young kids to "pak-tor" as there were alot of couples in this place that day. Also this is by far our cheapest outing - so it's a plus point here.

For those interested:
No. 2, Jalan Liew Weng Chee
Off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng
Kuala Lumpur

(There is a parking behind Fullhouse, or otherwise you can pay RM5 for Jockey Service - which is not bad though )


  1. Nice pix and next time we go to the one at Ara Damansara one :P

  2. Hmm. never notice this place before. Is it a new place?

    I passed by YKS road everyday during work last time.

  3. @Uli: thanks. i think CH mentioned that Ara damansara place is a wee bit quiet with only Fullhouse open!

    @Bact: I think it is pretty new about 6 months or so. if i recall. Nothing really to shout about but wud be more of a good lunch place ( and pretty cheap )

  4. Tell me if u saw Rain here :-)

  5. @Mimi: Sadly. No :(



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