Sunday, 3 January 2010

Beef ball noodles @ Restaurant Wong Soon Kee SS14

Soon Kee Beef Balls - 001

It's back to the cheap food posts already... :).  Over the christmas weekend, my family and i indulged in our favorite food which is beef ball noodles. Beef is a big favorite in the family and our source of iron as we are not able to take iron tables alot. So ... what better source for us then beef. Beef balls, beef steak, beef burger, you name it we like. All must be well done though. Moo-ish meet still freaks us out.

Beef ball noodles is a simple dish but the key that makes the dish good is stock & of course, great beef balls. Particularly those smooth ones and not the meshed up beef balls like some.  And in PJ and the KL vicinity, there are few places that serve great beef ball noodles.

I like those of stock which are particularly dark, though there is some clear soup ones in PJ which i am fond off. This store is near my house, well near is an operative word. It's at SS14 and i stay in USJxx. :) This lady is pretty famous. She has appeared in the star review before by Sam Cheong and sells out her beef noodles before 12pm. Yes, before. Her crowd is mainly people who want breakfast.

If you don't like bihun, you can opt for noodles, rat tail noodles or even hor fun. But this dish is best with bihun + noodles in my take. A bowl costs about RM4.30 for 6 beef balls. Those who like offals, yes they have the whole works -__________- " i like mine without.

Soon Kee Beef Balls - 002

What do i like about the noodles, the soup actually. It's beefy, darkish soup is what i like and the strong smell of Chinese celery. And the bird's eye chilli added on as the condiment. No respectable beef noodle will be eaten without the chilli.

This lady's beef noodle is located on
Restaurant Wong Soon Kee,
Jalan SS14/2, Subang Jaay.

p/s: Sorry for the silence between posts. My maternal grandmother passed away on the new year hols. Was busy with the ceremonies plus had a stack of old photos back in the 1930s for reprocessing. Will post more on this later. 

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