Sunday, 27 December 2009

I should have change careers....

I know i should have taken a multimedia course instead of a computer science course in Uni!...  I like art alot in school unfortunately that time it as not the "career" of choice. Anyway... it was raining this weekend, nothing to photo shoot ( toys have not arrived yet ) and dogs were less than being cooperative.. decided to redo my header. It was a bit plain and i am infatuated with red, black and white, gray themes.  I redid my anime blog as well BUT ... it's suffering from some JPEG compression.

Oh... curious who the little chibis are? It's from Azumanga daioh the anime :) ... yeah, yeah, the jumpy cranky one is me. 


  1. Hehehe..I am from but majoring in multimedia ;)

  2. @Uli: i was comp science in software engineering -_________-" manyak bosan one.

  3. i'm from comp sci too but majoring in maths? even more boring.

    hey neko, are u afraid of inu?
    i just want to know, do you speak/read/write japanese?

  4. @Bacterium: Er no, in fact i have 2 at home .... you can see them on my blogs. How do i speak / write japanese? Took as a minor in University and continued on when i came back to Malaysia - there are lot of language schools in malaysia for japanese language. Neh?



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