Sunday, 17 May 2009

Rojak @ SS15

This place is pretty famous on it's own and since the time i moved into Subang Jaya, which was 10 years back, this stall was already there. Though they have shifted position 2 times in the 10 years. Originally, on the opposite side of Shell, next to a dustbin ( you know, those LARGE ones?) , it has now moved further down the road in a proper stall area. ( With no dustbin next to it ). A long with the rojak, this guy has his trusty Cendol maker with him as well.

When i first started buying from him, the queue was very long. 10 years from then, the Q is still long and even longer perhaps. This guy has a system of packing, cutting all set up to put any fast food chain to shame with his efficiency. And, should you cut line thinking he won't notice, he will give you a cold stare to send you scuttling back to the line where you belong... *grin* i have seen it happen to some ladies who thought they could get away with it.

Anyway, during the hot spell recently, i refused any soupy, hot and meaty food for the reason being, it's so hot :(. Dad decided that Rojak is a good idea for us during lunch so we packed for 4 packets to eat as lunch. Salad is good for you, you know... and the size, despite looking small, is quite filling. Probably because of the fried stuff.

Ta-da... here is the much raved about Rojak from SS15. You have some cucumber, mengkuang finely chopped, with fried tauhu and the other condiments that make up rojak, like cucur udang, some coconutty tasting ball and keropok and my least favorite, sotong ( which was given to brother and father ). I had to say the keropok was a bit over fried, could be less fried to make it less oily. And of course a good thick sauce... Oh and 1 whole egg. It does look a bit red here doesn't it, but i think i should have toned it down a bit. Has the taste change since 10 years ago? No, the sauce is still the same. Still doesn't have enough veggie, but you can always ask them to "tambah". Only a bit "burnt" keropok. So if you want something cold to eat on our extremely hot weather. Plus, get a pack of cendol to accompany this. You can either eat in or take out. By the way, go earlier if you want to avoid a queue. Peak hours is 12:30pm onwards.

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  1. Ah cendol! I want~~~

  2. In this weather, i want it too... :(



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