Saturday, 9 May 2009

Cristang ... how could you run out of beer sausages....??

U know, Mashi and i like to tease each other with food - sometimes when i see hotate in isetan or found a place to eat oh-chien - i will sms her with the details to set her palate a waggin'. For me, it's normally pork that does the trick and especially when someone mentions beer in sausages, that got my curiosity peaked. So where is this sinful place that has beer / sausages together - Cristang to be exact .... and ... i didn't know that there is a new place called Avenue 8 popping up here - behind the KFC in PJ. It looks like mini version of Jaya 1 but not as populated as Jaya 1 yet with a few restaurants as well as office buildings around.

It was a day before 1st of May and despite being a public holiday the next day, the place was a bit quite that night. After settling down, we decided to place orders for the one reason we came here. Beer Sausages. Gleefully placed i should say. ( If we were wolves or somethin' our tails be a waggin' ) ... However, we were sorely upset or rather let down when the waiter came back to tell is "NO BEER Sausage".... how can like that?? Very let down ( just like a man u fan when Liverpool walloped them ) we still decided to stay on to try out the food here. ( Hello, don't whack me if you are a man u fan ok ).

Anyway, Cristang is actually a Portuguese restaurant. They even have a facebook group for people to be fans if you enjoy their food. Calling themselves a fusion of asian and western, the menu is actually pretty interesting with a mix of local favorites such as Ayam Pong teh ( so distinctively melaka ) to western like Carbonara or Grilled Ribs.

Here is something i discovered while eating portuguese food. To be really honest, it's my first time trying Portuegese food and i found out that after eating in this place and about Cristang

1) Damn, it's spicy it could rocket me to deep space nine! Maybe my recent recovery from my flu sent my taste buds a tingling but really without rice, i would have blown my lips to pieces. Don't get me wrong, it was tasty but i prefer less spicyness to truly enjoy the food.

2) Hmm, every local culture in malaysia has "chap-choy" hehehe.

3) This is by far the best pork burger around town - P3 rocks.

4) Waiters don't really speak good english here so please ensure you point to the numbers correctly and hope it comes out correct

5) Cristang is not any other name from the sky but it is actually Kristang - a word to describe people of mix Portuegese and Malaccan descent. Here - wiki it. Hence, probably the spiceness in the food. Did you also know their influence in the malay language - like meja, keju and sekolah were actually portugese words? - I wikied it :) That enough - i think i am ready to hit Portugal this year end.

Back to the food, anyway for the 5 of us, we ordered kari pimenta, baked bacon ambrilla, some ribs of which i cannot remember the name, Chap choy and ... Pork burger p3. Pictures! To follow next.

I think this the bacon rib ambila - for some reason i thought this was a western dish but actually no, this is a curry to be exact. The meat, tender and tasty. And yes spicy. Needs to be eaten with rice, otherwise it might be a bit too much but goes very well with rice. Sauce pot me needs rice to enjoy food like that.

Since we are so meaty, i insisted on a vegetable, so we had mixed veg. Actually, it looks like lor hon chai and tastes pretty clear. Veggie, being veg this was so so, felt my mom's version is more towards my liking. However, i will still eat - since i have a preference for vegetables. (except bitter gourd)

Another hottie, the kari pimenta with tenggiri fish. Bro says it was spicy. I don't remember trying this as my taste buds after the first dish was fried. I will remember to try this again once the beer sausages are back. How weird the flu sometimes skew your taste, my senses seems to be on the overload, every thing tastes 4-5 times more than it usually is. I better come back to try it once my taste buds have settled down.

OoOh i really like the next one, and pity it cannot be any larger. Should have ordered another helping of this. Out focus picture really, but this is one of the best pork burgers in town. The patty is definitely not those refrigerated kind, but real home made kind of ground pork patty. Juicy and succulent, it goes well with the chilli con carne + salad of lettuce, onions (! my fav with burger ! )

I don't believe this was on the menu but rather on their "specials" on the board - grilled ribs with mashed potatoes and vegetables. Pretty good in my books ( since it is not spicy ) but Mashi if i recalled thought it was ok. You must try their mash potatoes - it is much nicer than the ones in Chilli or TGIF.

For 5 persons i think the serving size is so so. The western food seems smaller, but the asian cuisines is much larger in size. While we were eating the owner popped by to check if we were ok, and Becks, informed them we were really here all the way ( actually no only plaza sentral and KLCC ) for beer sausages. Seems 4 days ago, he ran out of stock and his supplier has not been able to provide the stock to him. Since then, daily people came in to ask for beer sausages - lol, Murphy's law came to bite him. Anyway, if you are planning to go there soon, the owner requests you buzz him to check if beer sausages in stock. Otherwise, it is good to sample their other food choices as well. Oh, and since i don't drink, beer lovers, the beer is good here. But yes, i know it is odd, i like beer sausages. Actually i like alcohol infused food but not alcohol on it's own.

I will also next time, remember to keep a theme, the mix of asian and western at one go after some second thought seems to skew tastes a bit. However, i warrant a come back here. The Western food is up on my want-to-eat-again-more-than-once-list. Go try and oh, if you get beer sausages - pm me. I must go again.

The locale
B-G-19, Avenue 8,
Pusat Perniagaan Seksyen 8,
Jalan Sungai Jernih (8/1)

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  1. Beer sausage! That's some really new stuff!

    Btw, is that sambal belacan on the burger??

  2. No lah, it is er chille con carne which i don't really like. i hate beans of any sort!



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