Friday, 22 May 2009

New York, New York @ 1U

I have been unbelievably tired these few days with work and blogging a bit slower these days, have eaten a few good places yet am so lazy to load up pictures. I left work early today ( well early means before 7 ) to come home and rest me tired brains. Any one realized IT line is damn tiring?? And posting in office is a no no for me for "professional" reasons. Ok, i don't want my boss to catch me slacking off as well - tee hee.

So let's get back to the main purpose here which is FOOD. Did you ever come to a conclusion you thought your favorite mall has run out of places to eat only to discover, there are some nice places to eat there after all? Well i felt that about 1U. And with my family's rather particular eating habits, it's a downright chore to look for locations. Too oily, too salty, not nice ... lord, the list of complains are as long as the queue for krispy kreme. And worse off, it was mother's day the other day, and the initial plan was to try the Gardens lifestyle cafe in 1u. One look at the menu, mom gave it her thumbs down. Talk about guilty before trial. :) Well it is mother's days so we decided to stroll around the place where Giant used to be in 1U. All else failed, i was intending to drag them to Pick & Brew.

And we spotted this place called New York, New York deli. Cue Liza Minelli here... Actually i had no idea they had this restaurant here and looking at the menu, since everyone had something they liked, we decided to give it a try. In reading the little signs on the table, i found out this store originated from Singapore. Serves up their version of American food or New York style food to be exact. The menu ranges from sandwiches, salads, to meals such as 1/2 chook and some italian food.

We all decided to either go for sandwiches and burger that night, just to try out the tastes. While waiting for our drinks, we ordered our floats. Now, ... these are just ordinary floats like the ones you can make at home, i don't have a picture as it ended up not being too clear, but ... boy, it's entertaining to order floats here. Comes in 3 flavors, coke float, root beer float and coffee float.

When the floats first came, it reached dad first and in that tall cup of root beer was a dollop of ice cream. However, once he used his spoon to push the ice cream down to be covered by root beer, the whole combination of root beer and ice cream bubbled up causing it to over froth! There i was going on at dad on how clumsy he is, when my float came, i had the same incident! Seems like to the waiter , this is a common experience for the float, they had right "equipment" to clean it up with.

Right after that our food came, my brother's hawaiian teriyaki hamburger came. It's fresh meat patty not the frozen patties with a side salad next to it and chips. Top the burger off with a pineapple ring. The meat was juicy, but a bit moo-ey. It's quite nice actually, as i find it is much tastier than macdonald's patty of meat. This got our thumbs up.

I order a new yorker sandwich and consists of chicken ham with grilled vegetables and honey dijon mustard. I must say i only ordered it because of the honey dijon which i find is the best sauce ever for anything. It's actually on 2 pieces of bread ( rather thin wholemeal ) with a side salad. For me, this was pretty awesome what with the combo. I loved the grilled vegetables compared to the standard green salad in sandwiches. There are some minor gripes though, the bread should be of thicker kind. Since there is some form of liquid on the sandwich, it quickly drenched the thin bread and making it soggy. Otherwise, the 2 piece bread with thick filling was quite a substantial meal.

Dad being dad, loves beef, ordered his favorite roast beef sandwich. It comes in a similar format to my new yorker - however in this picture you cannot see the roast beef. Look at dad's hands all poised to dig in already. How to take picture like that?? Anyway dad passed me a piece to taste test and the beef was good as well, tender and juicy. I have had roast beef sandwiches that were rough and dry before so this one is ok as well.

Poor mum. She has been having a spat of bad luck in restaurants recently as they keep delivering her food slowest. And so far it also happened in New York, which marred her experience some what. At least the waiter did a follow up, mum not like the other restaurant in The Curve. She waited quite some time for her Turkey Cranberry sandwich which was delivered to another table who had a similar order. However after complaining, the waiter quickly delivered our ordered. ... Asked mom what she thought of her sandwich, she quite liked the turkey and cranberry combo. Thought it sounded more like a thanksgiving dish :)

I read some rather not so great comments on this place, however after trying it, it's not so bad though and i guess a lot of it depends on what you order. I must say the pasta and pizza are not so great looking but sandwiches wise they seem alright. And for those of you have a stomach of a barrrel, try their Great Yankee Burger challenge. I am quite sure i will pop if i eat that burger - fantastically huge! When i walked past it yesterday, the place was packed. Maybe the place improved after seeing comments by the bloggers.

Anyway those who would like to try, check out

LG 311, 1 Utama Shopping Center 1,
Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya


  1. Yeah, my colleague been there and he asked me to stay away from this place :S

  2. It's not so bad lah but don't expect a lot. i love the sandwiches though.



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