Thursday, 28 May 2009

Neko Discovered Mentaiko

This is a short post, i am so lazy this week. But ... guess what, i tried mentaiko and i loved it. Well not raw, but with crab meat hehehe. I had this at hanazen in Jaya One. Awesome that is what i can say. And i love it. Better than ikura


Mentaiko or Spicy Pollock Roe, is quite famous in Japan as it goes well with rice or onigiri balls, but in malaysia, i have seen it appear on rice, pasta etc etc. I had mine as part of a crab. This crab is cooked with small enoki mushrooms and topped with creamy mentaiko. Now, i expected fishy smell but no, it was spicy of course, and also has this woody, smokey flavor which all of us enjoyed. And not cheap i tell ya, rm12 a crab. Most expensive crabby i have eaten.

Funnily enough one of my cousins thought the white stuff is edilble (under the crabby shell) and she tricked her sister into eating it. It was edible but heck it was salt! ... i was just wondering to myself since when we ate the decorations that come with the food. ( Read my previous post on hanazen here )

Other pictures i did not take as my flash decided to throw a hissy fit that night. Hanazen is Jaya 1. Coincidentally, only 2 days ago i was in the vicinity of Section 14 with my cousin showing him the spots we used to hang out as kids and today, Jaya supermarket collapsed. It's really freaky though. My heart goes out to the people who were trapped in the collapse. Such a sad night, down goes a big reminder of PJ past and also lives lost in this tragedy.

P.S: Photos from bro.


  1. heard so much a bout mentaiko but never try it~~

  2. looks yummy... :)

  3. @mimi: it's so YUMMY :)
    @am: Oh yes, when you come back next, me brings you here



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