Sunday, 28 December 2008

Christmas @ the Kitteh's house

I have a lot to be thankful for this Christmas. And looking @ it, i have never been really a very thankful cat. Mm... Probably nature of my work makes me a demanding cat but this year,

* I took Christmas eve off with my parents. :) Whom by the way seemed pleased to spend it with me. Of course - shopping at Daiso with mom helps. RM5 FOR EVERYTHING! How can you not be happy. Of course, patience is also parents who put up with a daughter who is always on the phone even though she is On Leave .. to answer work calls.
* I am healthier & much happier than last year :)
* It's nice to have family around - even though they talk louder than you. When you are 2 feet away from them.
* A relatively quite year with little emotional turmoil is good. *winks*

Well, this is my Christmas eve & Christmas Dinner post. Heck, where's my Winter Solstice post?

Christmas eve, we did a lunch out instead - to avoid the crazy rush of what is known as - School Holidays. Dad was raving about the Ikea Salmon for Christmas and ok, since he could walk better than he did over the weekend, we decided to indulge him. I must say i do like ikea food. Yes, the meatballs are my fav despite protests from my dad it reeks of milk smell.

So we trooped there as early as 11 and spent about an hour at Daiso ( all hail RM5 shops!) Ah.. heaven and we dutifully meet at the ikea cafeteria. And the crowd came. Don't get me wrong but i practically hate school holidays. I feel as if i could suffocate when school hols appear. The throngs of people and kids are just a bit too overwhelming for me. Luckily we got in row, i was busy snapping pics of my daiso purchases while the rest got food!
This is the salmon they were raving about. Not bad actually. Salmon is my favorite fish as it is quite easy to eat with no bones and feels firm in terms of meat texture. And i think i have seen this dish done up by Tina Nodstrom of the AFC fame. Anyway this is not something Ikea will serve up daily, it is only for christmas with lots of grilled vegetables.

Basically it's a grilled salmon topped up with a sauce that is quite simply amazing. I detected fresh tomato, with dried tomato as well. Some mustard seeds ( like the ones used in dijon mustard ) onions and other flavors in which i can't pint point. I noticed i developed a bad habit of tasting a bit of something and then sniffing it like a cat, along with a flick of the tongue to try and decipher the make up of something. Not to mention the weird stares people give you sometimes as a result of this.

Chicken Breassttssssssssssssss...

Dinner on Christmas night was special. Mom made her Lemon Roasted chicken with herbs. Actually her brandy roast chicken is to die for, but dad wanted a whole chook instead of drumsticks ( Neko wants chicken breasssstsssss -ie:gollum)... that day complete with Roasted Potatoes with herbs and fresh corn. Turkey does not go well with a small family however today's chook was literally quite large as well. You can say i was stuffed on boxing day and the day after as well... *burp*That's the chook roastin' in the oven with the 'taters.

One thing i noticed, if you have a rotisserie, you can roast it whole, cooks more evenly but if you don't, it is better to butterfly the chicken. In the end you have to cut it up anyway rather than you have reddy bits in the chook.
Dad carving the chook. Hmm, i am not so good at this area.

Our style of 'taters with pre cooked potatoes tossed with garlic, olive oil and rosemary leaves. Taters and Rosemary seems very nice. Put it in the oven to bake for about 15-30 mins ( slow bake )

End result you get something like this. See the red bits? i had to pop it back to the microwave for a while. I can eat raw fish and slightly raw beef but raw chook is not my cup of tea. Despite the microwave bit the chicken was tender still. Oh by the way, the corn was yummy and sweet.

So, that was the feast at the Kitteh's house. Well we had very full cats that day. I think i was turning a bit green the next day where i saw food. Need detoxing already. Hope all of you all had a great christmas as well. :)

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