Monday, 29 December 2008

Christmas Charity Hunt

This is my last hunt for the year 2008 before i take a breather for CNY breaks. You won't be seeing any hunt posts for the month of Jan as i have been assigned to help mom out on Sat and Sun for the annual baking fest.

However, this year end hunt went out with a bang i should say as we did quite well! Third Place in fact with a 3 person team. 3 person hunt team? Hmm... 12 hours before the hunt - drebar sent sms - he down with flu not sure if he can make it. 1 HOUR before the hunt it is confirmed he cannot make it. We either could bow out or try our luck. I must say i am a bit hesitant to recommend 3 man hunt teams as you need to double up as driver/ hunter or navigator/hunter and a lot of multi tasking tasks need to be done. We did it once before and we ended up pretty stressed but this time around, with CG, MC and myself - ... we were organized! And we did not get lost, we did not get stressed - wah.. big time acheivement in my books. Biggest acheivement for us - we FINALLY GOT ALL TREASURES CORRECT! ok - like MC said - i managed to redeem my self after the Mensa mix up! One thing though - i find that i very ah-so .... such weird brands like Hosen i pun tahu... aiyo.

This is a charity hunt, in the spirit of christmas - so we had to meet up at the DreamCenter in PJ, which really fascinated me. This church is really up to date - with nice LCD TV, CCTV, good facilities. Church is no longer the way i used to see it in when i attended Sunday school ( like 20-30 years ago ). In fact, when i thought the Canning garden church was "fu-kwai"... this one more "fu-kwai".... But all the works done here are to give back to the community. If you are curious - they even have a place in the old bus station in Central market where they help out the poor and those in need. So those who feel the need to help out - click on the DC link above.

Back to the hunt - we did have some "huh" moments: Two ones that we could have paid more attention to:

* Hospital Outfit? For some strange reason we were not into the left side of the road that day... lol. Guess having less one head sometimes means less people looking. The answer was pretty easy - Wardrobe but er.. we did not have one of our "ding-ding" moments.
* The devil's question - this one i admit i jumped to conclusion too fast. *hmph*

Anyway it is a good hunt, i should not be so afraid to do a 3 person hunt anymore. Kudos to MC and CG - they found positions as driver + navigator respectively! :) Good day isn't it! :)

Oh btw- our spoils we donated to DreamCenter for their CES program. Hope it is goes to good use for the needy.


  1. don't forget Latio's debut... passed!
    had a good time - and despite the splendour of the dream center, I'm glad we gave our small prizes away - it felt like a valued contribution and well in the spirit of christmas.
    despite only three hunts this year for me (I think), it felt like we've gone a long way to "enjoy" and where we all took turns to be away for commitments, we always had a backup.
    happy 2009!

  2. Thanks MC- I am glad everyone likes the Latio! Quite comfortable for me as well... let's hope next year we get more plus points like this - but we very very far from masters! :P



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