Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Spaghetti Grill's @ Midvalley

This cat - actually really likes italian food a lot. So when i saw this ad for Spaghetti Grill at Midvalley- i was actually curious to try it ( i.e curiosity killed the kucing? ). Last weekend, dad was away and left me and bro to take mom out - so we decided to try this. Mom is a little bit more adventurous than dad so .. she was more game for new restaurant hoping. Food picking is a problem later.

I heard Spaghetti Grill's owned by the same people who one Chilli's it's no wonder the look and feel of the place is like similar. I thought i walked into the wrong end of Chilli's only it looks more Italian somehow. Probably the furniture. Ya think? Chilli serves tex mex food while here is .. of course italian.

We arrived there a bit early and the place was a bit empty. That kinda of set mom's "It's not so great" alert out. She was suss. How come this place not alot of people?? Anyway, since we were here, i thought heck why not.

Spaghetti's is famous for 2 things - Pizza and Pasta. So since it's only 3 of us and Lil Bro was having raging flu on this end, we ordered a Pizza with Hawaiian and Garlic Chicken Flavor. It's not a new flavor, we just asked for 1/2 flavors. And a order of Raviolli with Spinach Sauce. Orders placed and we wait. And waited, and waited and waited. What... why so long one??

Even though it is brick oven pizza, but come on... waiting for a good 1/2 hour was kinda long isn't it. Further more, the waitresses were not as efficient as those in Chilli's. Here they were a bit clueless o
n what we said. Not sure she understood my engrish.

Finally, after sebastian loeb manage to go a few rounds on WCR ( yeah, they had ESPN like Chilli's ) our food arrive.. our pizza!! :) i love pizza. Ah nothing tastes better than crispy thin pizza and the weird combo of hawaiin & garlic chicken pizza. There ya go 2 flavors on the side. Nice. I like this. I don't like those thick sliced pizza i prefer thin slices like this where you can eat more! Both flavors were good - recommended.

Ah the order of pasta which i was not too pleased with. Does this look a bit gross to you? They could lose the red sauce all dripped on it. This is supposed to be raviolli stuffed with chicken sausage. It didn't in my books taste good. The stuffing tasted plasticky(melamine!!) and fake. The sauce was ok but i feel if you stuffed this with real chicken or beef, it won't be that bad. Mom failed it and decided the rest of the pizza slices is hers!!

They claimed that their servings were large - but i found this ok only. I still had room for my new zealand yoghurt about like 1 hour later - after the aimless walking in Midvalley that night.

Would i come back here again? Yes if i just want pizza only, i don't mind trying the rest of the flavours. Service was a bit on the slow side as well the waitresses were a bit on the not experience side. I had to wave frantically for the bill. Ah well, you don't try you don't know sometimes.

p/s: was quite amused when Micheal Pang referred me as the hunting cat- hehehe.

The locale:
Lot G(E) 17

MidValley Megamall

Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2287 2220


  1. Oh gosh.. italian food..:P

  2. Yes, which you have overdosed on. Come bek - we takes you for BKT!

  3. wow italian, just melts me..... everything!

  4. So you are a fan as well :)



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