Monday, 10 November 2008

Neko eats Wagyu beef pie @ delicious by ms reads!

I curi KY's title standards for this! (Sorry KY - running out of title creations today) Anyway, this is my first time eating Wagyu beef but not my first post on Delicious Ms Reads. This happens to be one of my more favorite eateries despite my parents not liking this much.

One day while at One U, and bro being not so interested in the japanese restaurants there because .. it was not filling, we decided to go to Delicious again after a round of mindless circling around looking for places to eat. We were shuttled out to the open air as the place was packed that time from shoppers who were looking for a lunch place.

Since both of us were running a flu that day- we had ordered highly citrusy drinks to start of with. I regret getting the lime juice. My goodness - so sour! You know the cantonese saying - "mang
ngan loh de hoi ngan" ( blind person also can open eyes - no disrespect to blind people ) well... i really felt my eyes open.

Having not being able to decide what to eat- i decided to go for something - different rather than my standard pasta or local food, when i spotted Wagyu beef pie. Mmmm beef. My one source of iron since i cannot take iron pills. Frankly i cannot tell the difference between a wagyu and my rendang beef and dont be shocked. After some googling OoH... wagyu is similar to kobe beef. Kobe Beef = expensive. O_O. Hmmm. One needs to read up more of these stuff man.

I had to wait for a good 20 minutes for this so did lil bro for his -... Super Cheese Burger which i thought was pretty tall when i finally saw it. I must say it was worth the wait. [ At the same time, i was checking my pile of shopping @ One U! - Posh Cat- came, saw and bought the whole of One U]. Here is a picture of Super tall cheese burger. I had one of these before and it's extremely juice at such a healthy size portion. Sorry, the cheese folds is hiding the thick piece of beef. Of course the portion of fries and salad is also large. Brother gives it his 2 thumbs up.

My lovely wagyu beef pie. Along with salad and extra sauce! The pie smells delicious as it was brought by the waitress and when i cut it, it was oozing with sauce+meat. Yumz! Sorry, this is my first time eating wagyu leh. Jakun a bit can or not. See, when you cut it, sauce comes out man...

So, what's the difference between wagyu beef and normal beef. Well, definitely more tender i find. I mean probably normal cuts of beef ( aussie beef ) may yield similar results. If you compare it raw, i think wagyu is more marbly in texture. I must say this is a good pie. I really liked the sauce that it was cooked in, though the pastry was a bit buttery to my liking. I would like it a bit more if it is less oily. However, i ate most of it or what i could stuff into me tummy. And the side salad provided - good as well. I love the dressing - tasted like mustard, honey and some orange i think.

The pie is not really cheap though unlike those you get at King Pie, prepare to pay about RM25 for this pie BUT heck, it was worth it. So anyone wants to eat wagyu beef pie- head on to any delicious outlet. I have wagyu enlightenment already.


  1. That looks delish. I like their Sheperd Pie too but I think the serving is a little small.

  2. Can't see how thick is the beef patty :P

  3. jason: really? but this was really good. i very like this.

    mimi: yeah nor. i forgot to take picture. So hungry that time

  4. Major droooling session....especially after 1 whole month of confinement food! Definitely on my list of places to eat after this weekend. :D

  5. Celine: You are long overdue for our makan session! let me know when!!



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