Monday, 3 November 2008

Restaurant Tang Yuan

Ah yes, it is time to discover new eating places in Subang Jaya that i never knew existed. This time around it's my aunt's birthday and we have eaten like about 10 times in Crocodile farm, 15 times in Hong Lim, er 2 or 3 times in Restaurant Unlimited, so we were looking for something different.

We found this restaurant tang yuan along Tomoe and Hyotan. Heck, we didnt even know it existed. After reading the flyer my aunty gave us - it was even celebrating it's 3rd year annivesary. Strange. And we never really noticed it before. Was i... imagining things? Anyway, since we are running out of places to try so why not.

Tang Yuan is semi air conditioned and serves mostly chinese food. And yes, there is pork. The place is not too big, seats comfortably for small and medium size families. They had this offer running for their anniversary with a set dinner, however, we decided to go ala-carte and ordered from the menu. We had 2 tables by the way of 10 each since my cousin from Oz was back for the hols. First dish up, their tofu with ginko nuts and mushrooms. Sauce and taufu was nice. The size. Mini. We had about 10 persons on our table so each one only had a scoop ( or less of this )

Prawns were the next order. Not bad, tasted a bit of honey plus something else. But again. Small. One prawn each. Not even a spare prawn or two. Sigh.

Another veggie dish of the day. Brinjal fried with dried shrimps and minced meat. Not bad. I always like brinjal though they make me breakout around the mouth with itchiness after eating. The brinjals i suspect is doused in oil.... see the shiny spoon?

Eating with my mom side of the family means - more veggies. :) So we had a an ordinary order of kangkong with belacan. And small dish. Ordinary here means its like normal kankong and belacan outside. I always find kangkong and belacan my favorite dish that goes well with rice.

There was an order of fish - which normally you know the fish picturs on my end normally look like creatures from the deep. That was quite a nice way of doing the fish. Fish was steamed but with a topping of garlic, ginger and some greenstuff. I liked it!! But then - NO PICTURE!! :( What a wonderful flogger i turned out to be.

Since this place serves pork - we need pork, we ordered pork. Of course. This was fried pork ribs in mayonnaise sauce. Tasted good initially but got a bit jelakky after that. I thought it was a bit too much of an over kill with the mayo.

So what we think about this place -it's ... ok i woudn't mind coming back with a smaller crowd to try other stuff. However it is not so special like some other places that makes it stand out a bit more. One thing though- i love the ginger garlic sauced used for their chicken dip- Nice. Other than that, it is a not to bad restaurant to come to when you are bored with the rest of the places. And oh, there are more places to eat in Subang than i could think of ;)

If you are interested - do try:
No.19, Jalan SS15/5A,
47500, Subang Jaya

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