Monday, 3 November 2008

A hunting we will go...Sun Motor Hunt 2008

November marks the most prestigious hunt of the year in KL, which is the Sun Motor Hunt 2008. This is my second hunt attempt and i never really hope to win anything at all but YES!! this year i got place 83!! Which may not be a lot in serious hunters books but achievement for me!! What started out as a for fun sport actually has been quite a thrill for me actually. I quite like the hunting bit but not liking the waking up early bit. This time around it is no different - still have to wake up early only this time around i have kiasu driver who likes to be up and there by 6:00am to get a space. Which is quite alright because the closer you are to the start the less chance you get crowded up in the hunt sectors. Since i am NOT driving anyway.. i still need my zzzzzzzzzzs for my brains to work.

I must say the choice of venue of Sime Darby was very good. Good space with parking and facilities - not like that science center we had. And i am amazed at the sea of green that i saw that day. Hehe it's weird to all dress alike. If you want to know the sea of green - check out the sun2surf pics. This also turned out to be a day where -... i met alot of my ex colleagues. I was just remarking to FF's hubby that "So far i have not met anyone i know here " as my other partners were like meeting people left and right - when suddenly both ff's hubby and i met an ex-colleague -but not one but like 3-4 more... Scary right!

Again this time around we were split to sectors with pictorial clues so we all don't jam up Kota Damansara. And this worked pretty well i must say - we also were clever enough to look @ sectors people who were not so interested in and let everyone crowd in the other areas.

One thing i like about external hunts is a comparison to closed company hunts is that it is a good gauge of how good you really are. Company hunts are normally more simplistic yet chances to win small because in our company - some teams keep winning again and again much to the chagrin of the rest of us. However these external hunts you are in a field of a bigger players. Brains are mucho tested in this case. Also we have a new navigator in the team - CG ( HUBBY of FF ) was the designated navi and was teased a few times to be thrown off as navi for the next round - lol. But i thought he did alright though - given me- i would send everyone to JB. The drebar also was doing some self navigations some time which was quite amusing to see as we were all busy trying to crack treasures!

This year they piled in more master category questions ( in bold ) for us to stump, i mean challenge us. Much to my own annoyance - argh we didnt get many right for those. How to become masters like that???? Even when the showed us the master questions, i could only do 1/2 of the question the rest - TEMBAK!!

There were some plus points in this whole race:
* Despite others in the team thinking we couldn't do well in treasures i thought we did well! Well we were confused with last one but that was not all that bad our thinking lines were almost there - we did showed some promise.
* This sector based hunts -i am starting to like it :)
* We only relied twice on off site support. I have hunted with this team before and we did used to have a few times we needed the offsite but this time we needed it less - improvement either in brains or the technology we have on hand. Did anyone notice this??

What i don't really like:
* Argggggggggggh macdonalds banana pie - stop giving me that :(
* Kota damansara roads are small :((

Okay so we didn't get top 10. Top 100 was quite ok in my books - not bad team - next year - er top 20 lah. Try lah - hehehe. Can get nice TV leh. Keep it up, in a few years -we will have everything philips in our house!

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