Monday, 22 September 2008

Rak Thai @ midvalley

I gleefully told FF that finally our eating lists in Middo is more than just Paddingtons, DTF and Fong Lye as i have discovered Thai food in MidValley. (Insert evil laugh here)

Ok, i am exaggerating.. There are lots of good places in Middo only we tend to stick to those we have tried a few times cause we no we cannot go wrong there. However, we have more places to stick to now.

My next food quest had me going
to eat thai food last week at midvalley. After my elephant, i think i have got a thai food craving as i do like my food spicy and have mixture of tastes at one go like sweet/sour, cream and hot etc. However not at one shot though. Might end up having to make use of lacto 5 way too often then.

I met up with Mashi who was on a shopping soujorn in Middo- i have not met her for lunch in a long time as she usually adjust to my weird schedules that is more suited for evening rather lunch. It was friday and i had a good day at my office, hey why not. Lil Bro also decided to join so all the more reason to have lunch - we can order more.

I find that thai food, size wise takes getting used to. Everything is delicately small and if you require more, you need to order more. Is that the reason why we have such slim people in thailand? However to people like my parents or malaysians in general servings can be small. For me -ok, may be it is a simpler way to diet - controlled portions.

Anyway, Rak Thai, is one of those small places in the half-way land of the gardens and midvalley which host a vast array of eateries. Rak Thai offers a set menu for lunch as wel
l and those who are not sure what to try can pick up choices for 2,3 or 4 persons. Looks like most of their stuff in their menu is their more famous choices. We took a set for 2 and ordered 2 more dishes since there was 3 of us.

I did not take pictures - but we had 2 drinks of pandan & lemongrass and honey and ginger. I heart the pandan & lemongrass makes me feel as if i am drinking sweet satay taste - hehehe.
Platter sampling - sotong & fishcake

Platter sampling - the pandan chicken

Our dishes came pretty fast, first up ... our platter of samplings i would say consisting of pandan chicken, sotong and fishcake. Though i did not eat sotong, the fishcake came up the best in my list. Pandan chicken was so so ( i have eaten better ) but sotong according to Mashi and brother was not bad.

The pineapple rice ( part of the set came next ) - this was not bad. First time i had Pineapple fried rice that i really liked. The presentation was a bit messy though, there was some rice spilled on the side of teh plate.. however, we still ate it. The combination of fresh pineapples and the veg/ rice was quite nice. And it was a bit small though, think most of us had about 2-3 scoops then we c
an finish this quickly, with no problems.

Alot of people ordered this dish, though i cannot remember it's name. It's deep fried and covered with soy sauce. Fish is petite but good for sharing if you are interested in trying everything. Doesnt the fish look fierce here. Looks gruesome as well :). Now for those who are not too partial to salty food, the sauce can be pretty salty. Bro wanted to model for the next picture of the fried chicken. However no full phase exposed to we ended up with this shot. I think he is sticking out his tongue. Nothing special about this, you can find this in most chinese restaurant. However, i don't mind fried stuff so this is ok.

The next dish looks like pad thai, tastes a bit pad thai but it is not pad thai. This one has strong basil taste and if you are not fond of the taste might takes getting used to, the color is a bit off in the picture below. I am ok with this one as well, wouldnt mind sharing this again in future.

Our set comes with a dessert of mango & sticky rice ala thai. I didnt find this so impressive though as i have eaten slightly better ones. But compared to my elephant, this is not too bad. Even better. I have yet to find the "perfect" mango and stick rice. Maybe in thailand. Bro had a slight indigestion after this one, could be the coconut. I will try the red rubies next time - yumz.

Overall quite satisfying, dont mind coming back here. though certain blogs say this place has poor service but we were well taken care of taht day, waiters even suggested table moving for us since we ordered a few dishes and would not fit our tiny place. Maybe after those comments they have improved. Anyway, my lunch places have increased. i am a happy kitteh.

P/s: in case you didnt know- rak thai means love thai. And there is a banned policatical party called thai rak thai in .. thailand of course, i wonder if they are related.

The locale:
Rak Thai,
Lg 232 A- the gardens / midvalley
Mid valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra


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