Saturday, 27 September 2008

D'Italianne's Kitchen @ Jaya33

Jaya33 has opened for more than a year and i always think it is the house of lexus nexus. However, there are few good f&b shops there that is to be discovered. Mashi a 1 but then decided on nd i were actually looking to try JayaJaya33 instead because parking was easier and.. we were not really sure what is available in Jaya 1.

We could not decided on Bruno's or D'italianne's but decided to go for the latter as ... the former the prices
were a bit steep. Ah we have are cheap days as well :) The place is pleasantly white not those bright and lighted with the little cute red lamps which have actual candles. It adds more atmosphere to the place and makes most of my photos tinted a bit red.

Since it is only the two of us, we had to order small and not over order. :). Oh, by the way, they have this Geoduck shaped cups which i find amusing. Geoduck cups anyway?

While catching up with what is happening to each other, we ordered something to nibble. Since it is just the two of us, we decided not to order too much. So a simple garlic bread is our order. You cannot go wrong with this. And actually this is a good indicator of how good a restaurant is. If you get this wrong.. well i cannot imagine. However, our garlic bread turned out a bit burnt as you can see. Great if you want the extra carbon to get rid of wind but presentation wise it is a bit off. Taste wise, it is not that bad if you don't mind the burnt bits. At this point, my impression was a teetering to not so impressed.

We ordered a risotto to share. This is a simple mushroom risotto with lots of fresh mushrooms. Now, this dish as simple as it looks, many places have gotten it wrong. However, i am quite impressed with their version of risotto. Not too creamy till i feel that it is too much and i believe some stock based is used for this and the rice is just right. I am not sure what is sprinkled on top but it adds to the taste. Size wise, this could feed 2 persons so it is lucky we ordered only a plate to share.

We still had room for desserts, so we had this cake, which i cannot remember what it is called. It looked like a milo cake with some milk ( or cream poured over it ). It was light not too heavy. I am not fond of food that is too rich at times so this one gets my nod of approval as a dessert that is worthy of eating .
This places is worthy of a second return as the food is pretty authentic and there a lot more choices and varieties of italian food to choose from. If i am not mistaken, i also saw cannelloni on the menu. Not many places have this.

One note though. This place seems to have a lot of mozzies flying around. I was bitten a few times in this places so the fact i was busy trying to suppress itches was hindering my food enjoyment. The helpful waitress had this badminton shaped electric swatter to swat any mozzies flying around. How's that for service? For those in the Jaya 33 area - do check this out. Prices vary depending on what you call but for us, we didn't hit RM60 for the choices above.

D'Italianne's Kitchen
Tel :03 7956 3684
Lot 33, No.3,
Jalan Semangat, Seksyen 13,
46100 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

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