Wednesday, 20 August 2008

I love Pork Series#1@ C-Jade Express

I love pork! Sigh, sometimes i have no pork to eat at all but then there are times where i have a lot of pork to eat. Last two weeks was like the manna from heaven :). Father is suddenly very food adventurous and was willing to try some places we normally don't go.

I am quite sure most of you have seen this place - C Jade express in midvalley. It's near the guardian at the lowest floor and when this place first opened up, the queue was extremely long. It's been 2 years before we tried because the policy is to see if a restaurant lasts longer than 2 years before we try. *CACKLE*.

I must admit the menu is a bit confusing. I stared blindly at the choices before realizing i had to sit down and order. I was standing at the take out counter for a good 5 minutes. I just hope this place is not like the kim gary kind. i don't fancy kim gary by the way, it is so... teenagerized.

Being safe, we decided to try their barbeque meats. Mom was very partial to the crackling rice as she calls it or bibimbap. But decided on the safe menu of char siew fan. Dad and i straight went for - Siew Yoke. I must admit i did not like Siew Yoke as kid but having eaten rather tasty ones i started being very fond of it while i was older. Note prices are not cheap here so don't exp
ect chap fan prices.

Service is fast and soon our two types of meats arrived. Now, from this series onwards you will see a lot of spoons or forks appearing as part of the pictures. My subjects are devoured faster than i can take the photographs. First up, the char siew. Looks like nothing much. Since eating Meng Kee, my standards are very high. However, i took one bite of this, not bad. And note, there is no thick sauce like our local CSF but a rather light sauce at the bottom that made it quite nice as well. No comments from my rather fussy mom. :)

Mine came next, yes, mine,mine,mine. I love this! Actually as plain as simple as it looks, it tastes pretty nice. Crunchy skin with just the right amount of fat and meat. I am glad i did not share with dad otherwise both of us will be throwing bowls at each other, only grouse is the chilli oil didnt seem to go so well as the local chilli sauce we use in other bbq meat stalls. Frankly i finished this up pretty fast even my dad was surprised. I am in nature slow at eating.

I think i found other food alternatives in middo :) Now, the queue for C jade is still there it has not gone away only it has gone shorter. Possibly because people go there pretty early as well. By 12, people start to fill the restaurant. Currently they are also running some congee promotion which is congee of choice + ccf + dessert. Think i will go back and try other stuff. Which means one more thing, if FF and i want to eat at midvalley we have other options besides FL, DTF, Paddingtons - (^_^)V

The locale:
C-Jade Express
Unit LG-048, Lower Ground Floor
Mid Valley Megamall



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