Monday, 25 August 2008

1919 Restaurant & Gallery

Grandma frowning at dunno who....

This is a long over due post as i was very tied up with work recently to be concentrate on my posting. I am looking forward to my merdeka short trip to Haikou to relax.... and unwind. Or maybe not.

While looking @ my old photos, i noticed i did not put up any post on 1919 Restaurant and Gallery. I was back there in Ipoh for my usual 6th August ritual. It's grand-dad's death anniversary and we always make it a point to go back and clean up his grave and visit him. (It's not like i don't visit him every time i go back ) but this date is pretty much a remembrance of him. Strikes me weird, i g
uess we are the only family that cleans graves of death anniversary- so .. japanese. lol.

Anyway, i told aunt not to cook that day cause it's rare we have dinner out in ipoh and save her some time. However i find that ipoh dinner choices are not as good as their breakfast choices. Grandma is not so hardy so we try not to go too far away from the house. Closes i could think of is 1919 Restaurant and
Gallery. I have been here a few times and the food is not too bad if you are not fussy.

Note- if you are going here over the week day, check for the pasar malam activity. It could spoil your parking and make you smell like chao tau foo.

Choices of food are vast and we ordered something not so hot, not too spicy, not too sour to adjust to grandma's taste.

Our choice of meat is satay venison. I am a satay-holic. Anything that has a hint of satay, i want. (Hence that is why i find the chicken rice shop's satay chicken yumz!) It is served in a sizzling plate and the smell in my book - Oishii-katta-desu. I must admit it does not look that great in the picture but taste wise it goes very well with rice. The venison was tender and not dry and it is served with lots of veggies as part of the dish. Only thing is the size for the 6 of us was pretty small.

Ipoh being the place of nice water and good taugeh, you cannot pass up a chance to order tau foo of any form. We took the egg with crabmeat sauce. Nothing really special. The taufoo was smooth as expected but the presentation had my mother raising her eyebrow. Ok, sauce was on the sloppy side. Good from grams though, saucy enough for her. Bro some how like this. He's very partial to anything with eggs / crabs sauce.

The customary veggie for the 2 large rabbits in the family ( mom and me ) simple as it is, i like it. Well i like most veggies anyway so this was not bad in my books. Fresh and i like the use of lots of garlic in most veggies. Again size is an issue for me as it was not large enough for us.

Futt putt ( yam basket )crazy brother of mine cannot resist ordering this. However, as usual everyone was pretty amazed the rather small size. Is it me or what but small is delicate? Hmm. Taste wise it was not bad but everyone scoops a bit and *poof* no more yam basket.

We ordered steam fish as well which did not make it into my pictures but i was not impressed with this fish we ordered. Firstly it was not fresh fish, i could tell it was frozen fish. The meat was slightly hard as a result of being in the freezer. Everyone in the family agreed.

All in all, the bill came up to a total of RM100+. My grandma is so not used this prices and her eyes was as big as saucers. Grandma.... price of things are different from the last time leh.

Not to say i completely write off this place but if you need something light and not that fresh seafood is in your menu, then you can come here. It has its gems though. Satay venison is my favourite :) Despite my not so amazing review the restaurant was packed by 7:30 and there was a standing crowd outside the restaurant! Definitely different people have different tastes!

1919 Restaurant & Gallery
No. 1 Jalan Medan Ipoh 6,
31400 Ipoh, Perak
Tel: 05-5477196

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