Saturday, 14 June 2008

Cova at the Gardens

It's been some time since i have eaten western food. For some reason, my brother, me and my cousin decided the DAY petrol price hike went way sky high, we were to have dinner. Actually when i planned it with Cuz, it was for her birthday and we didn't know petrol price would be raised that day. So the both of us got stuck in a massive traffic jam that night after dinner. Unbelievable. [NO, i did not queue up like other kiasu people. How much can you fill?]

Anyway, picking a place to eat with cuz, i needed to wonder i will have a place that has no pork ( complete opposite of me) and has many choices. Pork is so no her favorite because she has bad experience with the smell of pork. For me - as long as it does not smell - i am game for pork :) Also i needed to find a place where she can easily go- so Cova was my next best choice. Funnily enough, the house she bought long time ago was in place in PJ called Cova as well. ( i has completely forgotten about it )

It is easy enough to find once we reached the gardens - i like the beige and soft colors used. We were there quite early so there we not many dinners. You know i said we needed a place with many choices, hmm not so a good idea, all of us got a bit lost as to what to order, cousin in particular. Even lil Bro flitted among one or two choices before settling on the final item. To save money ( ahem ) we all ordered WATER!! hehehe.

Service is pretty slow here, so we noticed. Our orders had to be reminded though the staff was helpful all the time and not once - grouchy. Finally when our orders came, we were starved. One note, my brother's seafood pasta took 2 reminders before it arrived. Can see the smoke coming out from his ears already.

The first order was my fish pasta. Yes, fish pasta. Actually it is butter fish pan fried with angel hair in sun dried tomatoes. I quite decided on this when i saw sundried tomatoes. I love em in pasta, makes the dish so much more flavorful. Plus, fish is much healthier than the usual beef or prawns. Though i would not mine going again to try their crab pasta tossed in chilli.

We ordered 3 dishes thinking we can share but lil bro's one was rather small so he ended up eating most of it and me and cousin picked each other's plate.

This was quite delicious. I love the creamy taste of the fish. It does not have the "seng" smell but with a squeeze of lemon, it was excellent. Served with a moderate sized salad, can't really complain a lot on this dish.

Cousin ordered the chicken breast wrapped in some mushrooms ( name of the dish, one cannot recall now ) and served with mash potato. Actually this is the best mash potato i have eaten. KFC -eat your heart out. The chicken breast was tender - thankfully not tough and goes well with stuffing inside. They served it with french beans, along with onions and tomato.

Lil Bro unable to decide what to eat, settled for Seafood Pasta with angel hair. This is is staple dish in case he is confused what else to eat. Since i only eat prawn and not the mussel, here i have to rely on 3rd party review to let me know if it is tasty. According to little bro, the seafood is pretty fresh. I thought it was cream sauce but when i picked some of the pasta up to tried, it was a light sauce that i am not sure what it is made off. It was quite nice in fact.

We had a bit more space in our tummy so we ordered Dessert, i couldn't make up my mind and could not rely on the other 2 to decide. They went "anything lah".... there is NO dessert called anything. The waiter was pretty helpful and recommended the Strawberry Shortcake ( does this sound like that cartoon in the 80's?) It is a pretty cake i must say and when it arrived on our table, the strawberry smell was quite tantalizing. However, when we ate the bottom bit of the cake, it was soggy. Much to my chagrin. I do not know if it is kept in the fridge too long but definitely spoiled it a bit. The rest of the cake was good.

All in all, it was a pretty good meal, the cake, the priciest i have paid for in a long time. However, taste wise, this place gets my thumbs up. Cake needs improvement though. Recommended for people who want simple dishes, but full of flavor at the same time.

Also, a belated birthday to my cuz :) I such a nice cousin hor, next month
u belanja me balik hor... hehehe.

The locale:

Lot F-226-B, 1st Floor
The Gardens, Mid Valley
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur


  1. How much was it?

    Looks good.

  2. About rm120, in total. Cake was a tad pricey.

  3. does that mean sunny's cake taste better? lol!

  4. BBO:Sunny's cake is DEFINITELY BETTER!



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