Saturday, 24 May 2008

Pappa Rich @ Sunway Pyramid

I must admit, i like cheap food sometimes. But i still want the air con as part of the frills :P. On first of may ( this is an old post ) lil bro and i decided to catch Iron Man and after the movie, we was hungry. The queue for other restaurants were long and lil bro was cranky with hunger so, we picked Pappa Rich at Sunway pyramid. I initially thought it was just like those kopi tiams that are sprouting like pimples all over the place but i think this one is a tad better in terms of choice of food. By the way, i don't normally post up kopitiams as part of the food blogs because there are many varieties but this one deserves a quick mention because it is yummy.

This place is pretty crowded, and no wonder, food is not too bad and not too pricey in my opinion. There were a quite a lot of choices so i initially did not know what to pick. Both of us settled for a curry of some sorts of noodles.
I chose the fishball curry noodles ( dry ) with 3 or 4 pieces of fried fish cake with lovely curry sauce. The curry sauce is creamy as well as tasty- the kind where you can smell the coconut cream in it. Kinda how my mom used to make it before she went on her low cholesterol diet. And the use of peppermint leaves is quite a more chinese way of making curry noodles. It adds flavor :) By the way, the bowl of noodles was not really small. As usual i cannot finish.

Brother ordered Curry Noodles. Before i can finish taking picture of my noodles, someone start eating already. -_________-". Sorry not very clear shot as someone was busy shooing me away.

I suspect this is a rather tasty dish as he finished it pretty fast and i could also smell the curry when it was brought over to the table. Aromatic curry noodles are the real tasty ones. He gives it the two paws up in tastiness. "Could be better if they had siew yoke" he quips [ eating way too much ipoh style curry noodles already ]

So, if you think you want reasonable eats in Sunway and a quick bite, go to pappa rich in Sunway Pyramid.

Pappa Rich
Lot LG1.47
Sunway Pyramid

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