Tuesday, 20 May 2008

i has been traumatized

I actually am not good at dealing with death. I find that i am not a person who is good at comforting people in this very serious topic and also is a person who is afraid to face pictures / scenes of certain death. So, things like Nat Geog - where the lion devours a antelope- i switch the channel. When my mei mei passed away ( she is my dog btw ) i got dad to go to the vet instead of me, to have her put down. Because i cannot face seeing her. .... however today, i think i am super traumatized as to what i saw on the road... actually i cannot stop thinking about it.

I was driving past MPSJ this morning my usual route to NPE via summit, when i saw this white thing on the floor. The white thing was moving up and down - so i thought it was a piece of paper. i slowed down ( NO, not because i was trying to look ) as there were many cars on the road as well when i saw it. A kitten was hit by a previous car and the fella was struggling to move it is back legs. i think it was in the final moments of it is little life but still struggling!! lord help me i could not get the sight of my eyes. It was just flailing it's back legs struggling to get up and i could not stop the car to help it. Many cars tried desperately to avoid it causing a severe jam in front of mpsj.

A few school kids on the way in cars were straining their necks to look only to start crying in the car after they saw what was on the road. I dare not look back once i passed by the poor kitten as i could not stand to see it suffer anymore. Lil Bro told me that he saw that happen to a dog once and it was pretty bad for him as well.

Which actually reminds me for this very reason we should encourage the spaying of pets to prevent unwanted things like this. There is a increase in kitten roadkills ( as well as dogs and adult cats ) because there is just way too many of them around. Much as i like cats, we cannot have mass breeding of such animals only to be killed unnecessarily like this. Note, my neighbour, has 1 cat, each year gives birth 3 to 4 times. 3/4 of the kittens don't make it. My mom unfortunately becomes the part time "nirvana curator" when they die around my house.

I am so traumatized by what i saw....... i still cannot get over it.


  1. Err, I ran over a huge rat before. But not a kitten, not in my records.

    Usually kittens would stay with their mom until they are old enough.. at least that's what I've observed for 2 generations of cats at my house. :)

    It's strange to find a lonely kitten there.

  2. could be a dumpee case :(

  3. *HUGZ*

    I hope you are feeling better now. I know what you mean cos usually when I witnessed such incident, I will get very upset for the day. Nowadays if I spotted something on the road from far far away, i usually avoid it by not looking. So at times, my Hubby will let me know that it's a just a piece of rubbish that we drove passed. If he kept quiet, I knew what it was lor.

  4. Precious Pea: Thanks :) am feeling much better. I guess this should be expected when there are so many strays around. I try not to look at things on the floor now in case i see worser(!) things!!



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