Sunday, 11 May 2008


I am just back from KUANTAN and... surprisingly it is a very quaint little town to visit - was there for our company's hunt-o-lympics and man.. this time we had 50 cars. As usual, we didn't beat the usual top teams. ( this is sounding like the 2/3 majority thingy every time ) but then the location of our stay made up for it. Swiss Garden kuantan was gorgeous! Never seen such a beautiful location OR hotel outside of KL. It is a place made for 1) wedding photography and 2) well just chilling out.

Hunt Gripes -

1) I get the feeling the hunt organizers are a bit kelam kabut- no briefing this time around, it was done on spot regalia... in a vast open space - it was just not the place to do that.
2) Some questions were just weird - i did go a bit "huh?" in some. HMMM, maybe i not so good in sports related hunts - LOL.
3) Eh - spell correctly lah some of the questions, we spend a good deal of time looking for UNRELATED items eg B.LASONG when it should be B. LASUNG!! *WEI!*
4) Challenges- for crying out loud, plastic plates dun make good discs for olympic games throwing-leh. We had people knocking off heads in some case - hehehe.

Anyway, aside from that, it was my first time in Kuantan, ( btw our team name was Huan Huan go kuantan, makan wantan ) and the place / company excellent. There will be food posting after this, we found a pretty nice place to eat in Kuantan - fresh KEWABS ... again. :)

p/s: oooh, i won starbucks vouchers for lucky draw!! :)


  1. come, come we go to Starbuck now! lol!

  2. can, can. let me know when! :)



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