Thursday, 8 May 2008

CG's Soun Foong Dinner - King Crab & Dessert @ ktz

This post is dedicated to someone - who will be drooling when the person sees this.. hint, hint

Oh Roe is me

One of our makan regular's is leaving for Australia for a 4 good months. Posting in Melbourne. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhh so lucky. I like jobs that allow you to travel once in a while. Why am i stuck with one that going for training overseas is even more difficult? Anyway, it is a choice thingy.

So before he flies off on 4th May, we decided to have a soun foong dinner for him. Soun foong in cantonese mean safe travel. It is funny somehow my brother thought it was smooth wind. Sigh. Banana. LTC is the coordinator but this time around, restaurant suggester was still.. me. :) Somehow or rather NY figured out i had a say in the choice of restaurants. .....

I think i have a thing for crabs. Not satisified with the poor showing of Pulau Ketam, i just
have to get crabs OUT of my system. CG and NY quickly agreed with the choice of dinners and we are off. Anyway, the guest of honor and wifey arrived way ahead of schedule - not reading LTC's calender scheduler. We only had 6 persons this time ( regular member/part time flogger)- Walking Contradiction and partner could not make it this time around.

It was lucky we booked a place because by the time i arrived, fashionably late, the place was starting to be full. We had 2 types of crab ( cooked differently ), 2 types of noodles, veggie and pork. However, veggie got lost in translation, never made it to table and bill. By the way, this is FF and CG's first foray into King Crab as where they stay, it is way too far for them to venture over these parts of town.

Our first order of Steamed crabs -with egg came first. Two crabs for 6 of us. This is steamed plain with the usual - rice wine and egg. Must say this brings out the real crab flavor. The meat was plenty full. I like the sauce that came with it. The hint of rice wine is enough, plus the ginger adds some "kick" into it.

The crab was roe ( see pic above ) filled as well. I saw NY - just gorging himself with that... Me... not so
into Roe. They can go and enjoy.... I think it is an acquired taste in which i have not acquired.

Then 2 noodles came up, fried glass noodles with lard and their sang meen also fried. We are into noodles and crab today as we fear CG has not enough Chinese food to eat in Melbourne ( LOL ). The tang hoon came first and i must say this was not so tasty - or no taste. When you get the lard bits - yes it was tasty :) Something was lacking in this dish but that doesn't mean we did not finish it.

Second dish, their sang meen - recommended by the sassy waiter. Funny man, i ask him what is his chew pai meen - he gave me some wise a** answer. But his recommendation for this was spot on. Just what we like. Noodles, nice and crunchy enough, flavor good, size - good for 6 of us. This was good for 6 of us.

Then - the other crab came. NY's favourite - Sweet and sour crab. With fried mantou. We love FRIED mantou. So much so we had 5 rows of this babies. And extra sauce. No extra crab though. So nice of the lady waitress to help us top up our sauce. The sauce and bread is excellent. I think i ate a similiar version at teluk gong but this is much better.

Veggie of the day which was my choice of lotus root did not make it because they ran out of it, so the waiter suggested the Four Heavenly Kings ( i really cannot say this in Cantonese ) but that did not appear in the order - so NO veggie for us that day. My mom will be so displeased if she knew.

Then the order of mandatory pork. We ordered the Guinness marinated pork ribs. My.... this was excellent. We could actually taste the GUINNESS and the pork itself. Such a blend. My thumbs up to the chef. Pity it was a bit small but then we should not overeat as we decided to head for dessert at SS2- KTZ. All in all, it only costs us about RM190 including the usual tax ( drinks was just tea ) and we thought it was pretty worth.

Actually i was amazing watching CG/FF and LTC enjoy their meal - good food is very obviously shown on the eaters face.

After that we drove to a rather stressful SS2 area for our dessert. Everyone wanted to eat KTZ Dessert which is supposedly famous for their Mango Lolo. I just wanted ice cause i was steaming from the night heat that we are all suffering from lately. Wah, this place is packed at 9:30 pm at night... What? No one is resting at home? I guess everyone wants ice like me.

LE - order kwai lin koh that came in a small bowl - i forgot to ask her how it tasted like while CG/LTC/FF and myself order mango lolo. NY being NY ordered the kwailin koh and mango lolo combo. He had everything in one so he said. Wait lah, eat already see what happen.

I must say the mango lolo was refreshing. I like sago so i was pleased to find the little beads underneath but damn my mango was SOUR. I hate sour stuff. It was not sour till my eyes become small lines but i thought it was better sweet. Anyway, the ice is still good and i manage to finish 3/4 without busting my seems. KTZ seems to serve small eats - or snack food which we did not really bother to try after the great crab.

NY's combo kwailin koh and mango lolo turned out to be a bit too much - as it was in his words - CREAM OVERLOAD.

Anyway, it turned out to be a good night, with excellent company. CG- good luck in australia. Come back soon ya, - we go makan some more :) Sang Har Meen anyone?


  1. We should have ditched Kam in your Face and joined you instead... *droolz*

  2. KTZ is one of my favourite haunts for local desserts but it's quiet a difficult task to go to the SS2 outlet as they are almost perpetually full. Too bad they don't open for lunch either...

  3. Joyce: Ya nor, then we can order more :)

    mycoffee: hello! Yeah, that place was still packed at 11 WHEN we left *sigh* and it is very warm place, lucky i had ice for dessert

  4. hahahahha when can we go makan-makan?

  5. Seriously, 190 bucks is kinda cheap.

    IS the sang har meen better than the one in pandan indah?

  6. bbo: whenever you are free :)

    bacterium: Yes it is, with the amount of food we ate. Pandan Indah? Never been there leh. a bit far for me.

  7. the conclusion is - nothing beats malaysian food and i miss it already. after 2 weeks of gwailo pasta and bread and soup and meat this looks like heaven! luckily there's kangaroo meat har har, and the coffee is consistently excellent here.

    And yes king crab's a good place i thought it was excellent value at that price :)



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