Saturday, 5 April 2008

Tadaima modorimashita

I am back!....... Here are somethings i have discovered while i was in japan:

* i am never eating tempura for a good 5 months.
* Salmon is DEFINITELY fresher there. :)
* Ramen is EVEN better there.
* I love Onsen... good for the bones...
* I have a lot more skin than i really thought i have... Flaking ... is a painful business..
* The weather is NUTS. Supposedly to be warmer in Japan but it is DAMN COLD there. My tush almost dropped off one day.
* Japanese toilets are definitely better than the China ones. WAY Better.
* Speaking Japanese DEFINITELY helps in Japan. :) Neh?

Anyway - More posting later. I have to clean up my room. Yucks.

P/S: Non Japanese folks - tadaima modorimashita means - i am back.


  1. walio! I so envy you now . . . not going to talk to you . . . just for a few minutes! lol! . . . now we can talk! lol!

  2. BBO: *sticks tongue out* :P""



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