Thursday, 27 March 2008

5 day break :) well of sorts

Ashita iku yo!! ( tomorrow i leave!) Though i am soured by my lousy tour agent... the fact that i may see him

or him or him( huh? ) is possible.....
Yeah right. I can dream can't I :) First one is much better - at least speaks english. Anyway, folks have a good weekend and the week ahead. Be back on the weekend of 5th onwards. Hopefully with many pictures of japanese food. Fake or otherwise .... Akhihabara - matte iru yo!!

Many thanks to the people whom i took the pictures off. Ja-Neh minna-san

P/S: My mother ask me to stop dreaming ... -_______-" so bad.
P/S2: i took the naruto fonts from animekeichii. They have anime fonts generator- COOL :) Nerdy me is showing up.


  1. Tokyo? Enjoy yourself!

  2. Are the 5 days up yet???? :P

  3. Bact: No, well tokyo one day, was in Nara and more rustic places.

    Am: Yup, up. Didnt want to come back but was sick of tempura LOL



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