Thursday, 7 February 2008

CNY Must Haves

Happy New Year everyone! Hoped everyone reached their hometown safely and is enjoying the festive goodies. It's surprisingly hot in Ipoh- what's new, every year it is like this.... but heck if it is not hot, it ain't new year.

Simple Fare

Just some shots of what we had for Reunion dinner. Reunion dinner is pretty simple at my paternal grandparent side. Since grand-dad passed on, we reduced the meats ( complaints of cholestrol is high from everyone ) and had more vegs. But duck and chicken are still a must. I must admit i can't say no to duck as well. Lol. And no we didn't cook this.

But what is CNY without the regular such as this... Nien Kou.... i am still waiting for some one to fry this with egg and yam.

And i adore these little babies ... they are better than the large ones. I could eat a handful at one go... Ok fruits is better than meat ... (^_^) V

Here are the little ones with the tai-kor hehehe and my fav dried meat. For the purpose of not bloating up over the new year, it's one measly piece a day for me. I don't want to end new year looking like a hippo - LOL. Well, that is just today's post. Have a great new year everyone, get lots of money, eat well and hearty and be careful on the road. :) Toodles!


  1. May 2008 brings you loads of happiness and fortune!

  2. Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family! Wishing you all the best in this new year. Stay healthy, wealthy and happy!

  3. Thanks both of you :) hope you had a great CNY as well. *muaks*



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