Sunday, 10 February 2008

Ben & Nick's Diner- Subang Jaya

Time to promote food in Subang Area again... My idea of a diner is a small place, with a long table at the bar and plastic chairs on the side where customers can sit in. Ok, i watch too much american movies according to my mom. A diner recently opened up near Carrefour in Subang Jaya. It's next to the apartments that recently sprouted up and the ground floor of such places, you can find places to eat.

Not the usual diner feel.

This is by the way a before CNY post... i was lazy ..... hee-hee. Anyway, Ben and Nick's is that kind of small diner feel without those plastic seats where people slide into. It looks like some of those cosy little rooms in an English cottage. And they do not serve the standard diner fare.

Anyway, we got stuck outside because inside was already packed with people. Funnily enough, they lighted mosquito coils to get rid of those pests... Interesting.

The menu is not very extensive but enough choices for a small establishment of this. Dad ordered his Beef in a blanket dish, while mom and i opted for the Cajun Chicken and Pasta. While it does not look that much in this picture - (sorry, shaky hand that day), it tasted quite nice. There are slices of tortillas (me thinks, lightly grilled) and stuffed with beef, tomatoes and a side of lettu
ce. I think Dad gave his thumbs up. He was too busy eating to tell me but I could see he enjoyed it. I took a piece of the beef and yes, it was tasty as well as tender.
My Cajun came next and i was a bit surprised to see this in cream sauce. I am never into cream sauces. Not sure why but after eating more than 10 bites or so, i feel quite ... creamed. Anyway since i ordered this, i decided to eat as much as i can. I took some chicken to sample and .. YUMZ!!!!!!!!!! Me likes the Cajun flavoring! Don't know how to describe it but just tastes good. The cream pasta was nice as well with lots of little mushroom pieces in. True to my own prediction, the jelakness set it in. Sorry, it's not Ben and Nick's but i think i pretty much confirm i have allergy to creamy pasta. Would be better if the pasta is not in cream but tossed in olive oil , with garlic etc. I think it would be even more superb then. Service was a little slow initially but i am sure it will pick up. Total cost of the dinner was less than RM50. I don't mind coming back here to try the other stuff. I hear they have lamb shank for those who heart it :) By the way.... if you thinking of bringing a large crowd, - please call in advance.Can only sit about 50+ people. And it is packed by 7:00PM!

Ben and Nick's Diner
Lot G10, E-Tiara Service Apartments
Persiaran Kemajuan
Subang Jaya
Tel: 016-2010189
Open for lunch Mondays to Fridays, noon to 2.30pm, and for dinner Monday to Saturdays 6pm to 10pm.

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  1. hey love this place, friendly staff and owners, for the price you can have a meal twice as good as the sherotan.

    handt area to both subanf Parade and shopping mall.

    any questions email me

    If your going i agree book ahead to prevent dissapointment.

    Please also I'm heading back to Ireland soon so if you read this and go please say JJ sent you.

    all the best happy eating



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