Thursday, 10 January 2008

Pan Meen @ Sri Kembang Village ... we thinks

I think the best place i like to based in all my office sites is TPM. Though everyone says it is so difficult to go and find food, u need to drive - blah, blah, blah but the surrounding areas of Sri Petaling, Taman OUG, Sri Kembang and Serdang, not to mention Salak South are thriving with dirt cheap places to eat.

Pan Meen is one of the things i really like to eat, though i remember many years ago as a kid, i hated this dish. Not sure why. Picky eater Syndrome i guess. So when i go to the TPM office, we sometimes try to make it to this place to eat. FF and i discovered this place by way of an ex-colleague of ours. I also remember 2 years ago when i came here, my RM3+ Pan meen became my RM90 pan meen. I got a traffic fine on that day for a traffic violation on one of the small roads....*sheepish*

That didn't really stop me from coming over here. This shop is one of those places in Sri Kembang where the house serves as a restaurant and it is on a very narrow p
atch of road in the "san cheun" in sri kembang. Be wary you don't bring your big ass cars here *LOL*, you will spend time worrying about your car's tush then the enjoying the food.

This time, we brought a new guess - Walking Contradiction to have a taste of Pan Meen. This was her first time here and after many rounds of searching for this place - i was quite sure if you ask her to tell u where to go again, she would be also be a bit lost. Note that this place is like REALLY, REALLY complicated to get to. Turn here, there then go up somewhere... O_o.....

Once we got to the shop, luckily it was not crowded. He normally is, so we proceeded to order our drinks - which i did not take a picture of. They have great Calamansi drink here of crushed calamanasi and sour plum. If you are sleepy, or need an instan
t pick me up - order this.

Our orders came reasonably fast - we are lucky to day. This uncle's pan meen comes in two usual styles, dry or soupy. I prefer soupy- less oil. What i like about this version of pan meen is that, they only put ikan bilis ( served seperately ) and there is no pork. Can't recall if there is mushrooms *frowns* but i like the fact they put that chopped veggie you see on top. If you eat this, you don't feel as if it is a very heavy dish but light and healthy. ( Did i say healthy ?) The soup itsel
f is also thankfully not laced with msg but quite tasty. You can ask for pan mee that is pealed or like mine, made in the form of "fettucine". All of us enjoyed it pretty much. Despite the fact we were sweating buckets by this time... very hot place.

My other favorite served here - their Sui Kow or dumpling!! O-I-S-H-I-I!!!!!! With multiple exclamations.

You can order any amount you want, 2, 4, 6 or up to you. I believe there is mixture of pork, prawns, some wood fungus and carrots. Thumbs up for this dumpling.

Prices here are dirt cheap, drinks and all plus the dumplings, it cost us less than RM30 ( Am i right? hehehe- can't remember ) If you are very familiar with Sri Kembang, do try to find your way here. With escalating costs of things, cheap places to eat should be truly blogged about! ^_^.

No 800-A,
Jalan Pasar, Sri Kembang
Closes on Mondays.

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