Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Italian Food Anyone? Allegro's @ SS15

Hmm.. I don't think the dieting plan is working. I keep eating.. Sorry for not blogging long. One of the reasons why i was also so lazy to blog is ..... i am addicted to the Astro WLT 8:30 - 10:30 slots... TVB Dramas can be quite addictive sometimes ... .... Life must be pretty sad - to be addicted to dramas - LOL

This was a place i ate sometime ago, and it was always in Subang Jaya as far as i can remember. Since i started college in... 199x- this place was already there. Some how or rather it manage to survive the on slurge of other restaurants around SS15 and weather the storm. Allegro Cafe- happens to be my brother's not so favorite places to eat. Why? Well it doesn't live up to the italian word of Allegro. It's slow ...................... Really Slow..................... The first time we went there many years back, it was so slow... if we did not order, Dad would have walked out. But what made us stay was ... gee darn it, it was tasty. ( Speed and Punctuality runs in the family- all of us... are so impatient :) ) I take it alot of time and effort is spent preparing the food.

Recently we ran out places to eat, so when we suggested allegro - little bro's neck hair sort of stood at the ends. In the end when we asked him to suggest a few places- he gave up .. hahaha.

A point to note about Allegro, it is a place where you want to have cosy and intimate dinners - not rushed through your food just like that. Ambience wise, the whole feel of the place is as it is set for that kind of environment itself. Warm lights, lots of dark furniture, rustic paintings ..... that kind of environment.

Now, surprise, surprise... today - they live up to the name Allegro! Food came quick
ly! I like their chicken pasta with Capers, olives in a spicy cream sauce. I can't recall the fancy name. Served up with chicken breast- pan fried and generously doused with capers and olives. That is a lot of capers you see below. The sauce is the one that got me addicted to it. Today, the Chicken .."Boobs" were a bit dry for my liking. If done well, usually it is pretty tender. Nevertheless, it still tasted good.
Now, mind you, this is not a cheap dish. Without any salad or anything, this came at around RM20+ for this dish. People on cheap budgets, please pass this.

Because we don't want so much Chicken in one night, Dad ordered a Pizza with turkey ham. It's not "
Hawaiian" but just Turkey ham with Mushroom on a very thin crust ( which i like. i hate thick crust pizza- so americanized :P ) My taste buds were having an overhaul yesterday, i found it a wee bit salty that day ... Other than that- yummy still.
A rather poor shot of Chicken Chop my dad ordered. What can i Say, we go italian restaurant - he wants chicken chop... *sigh*.... Well poor dad, he is not a cream fan so besides the one i ordered - nothing in the menu really tickled his fancy.

After all that, i was truly full. I only have some comments on this place:
* It would be better if their servings came with a small salad- for the price we pay, no veggie... a bit steep. * Menu wise- from 199x till now- still same :) They do have nightly specials but their standard menu - has not really evolved.
* i like their pizza though - eating this the first time MANY years back was the reason why i never never never eat in Pizza Hut ever again. Dominos- still gets my vote occasionally.
* this is a good place for nice, long romantic dinners /;P

Allegro Cafe- Is located in
51, Jalan SS15/4,
47500 Subang Jaya.


  1. hahahah must be a romantic place to be!

  2. Note for me lah - hahaha how romantic can it be when u are with your brother!! LOL

  3. I've passed by this restaurant countless times but still yet didn't try it out. Wonder why... Yeah, the environment is good.

  4. Sugar Bean: Hehe, sometimes we just have to walk in and try, any regrets...later



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