Sunday, 30 December 2007

Zen@ Sooka Sentral

I think festive seasons wreak havoc to my tummy sometimes. Both shape wise and content wise. I am feeling a bit off over this few days, nothing train wrecking but just off -... oh well. I think i better start my vegetarian diet routine for the next 2 weeks.

So, you've been hearing me complain of the lack of good food in KL Sentral. Well, like a prayer to heaven, some new places have been popping up around our area. Sooka Sentral - ground floor opened not 1 but 4 new eating places for us to try out. Please note, prices are not like Sin Kee nor the YMCA chinese shops but here is a change from eating the hot, sometimes quite smelly and sweaty places. I still like hot and sweaty sometimes but not too often. You will see a puddle of sweat to replace me later.

Anyway, FF another eating companion of mine. And she is a fan of nice, clean and not so hot places. Occasionally she will still go eat at hot, cheap places... when it is not so hot! :)

I decided on trying Zen, the new place in Sooka, didn't get to try it the day before as my cousin was quite insi
stent to try Centro. And by the way, this is not the same Zen as in the new Sunway. I have checked. Disappointed me.

Ok, i like the environment of this place, quiet, minimalistic and cooling. Some how this place reminds me of a brown/black version of Banquet. Why? Because of the chandeliers. The place is decorated with a eclectic mix of traditional western style lights along with box lights which are commonly found in Japanese restaurants.
I am also, highly distracted by their dessert bar at the far left of the picture :) how can i not resist when temptation is so near... the mind is willing, the flesh- so weak! LOL.

When looking at the menu, i find it quite similar to something served by Secret Recipe. It's not exactly the same but some dishes look distinctively like something you find out of secret recipe. So, i tentatively order the apple & kasturi drink. Sounds familiar? To be honest, it tasted 100% better than the one in secret recipe. Dear Zen: Please DO NOT franchise out. Spoils the quality.

Since feeling like a whale over the past few days, i decided to go for a small pot pie. Chicken pot pie t
o be precise, while FF ordered a tomato Quiche. Now, there was also another reason we went small..... we got distracted by the desserts. And we wanted desserts. We had a depressing day at work, so we thought we cheer ourselves up.

Back to the main meals, my pot pie came and some how i was expecting something to cover the pot pie. Like a flaky pastry. Or a potato top. But mine did not. There was a nice soft bun the "pie" actually had no covering. Just some thick liquid as seen in picture below. Hmm........ my impression of pot pie was a bit different than what i saw. Anyway, i was hungry, so i broke a bit of the soft bun and dipped it into the potpie gravy. Not bad...... i like. With shredded chicken, chopped celery, mushroom and carrot and lots of spices, this is something quite tasty and aromatic. I finished every single drop of the pot pie. :)

I forgot to load up FF's Quiche picture - so i will put a post script later. Sorry ma'am!

Aahhhhhhhhhhhh. The piece de resistance - our desserts. Honey Parfait for me and Citrus-y thingy for FF. I can't remember the name of hers. First time i have eaten a honey dessert and it was good!! Thumbs UP. The parfait was soft and not so sweet and i am not sure what base they put, but it was nice and crunchy! FF's Citrus Thingy was not very sour and not very sweet- just the right amount of zing that hopefully doesn't make it over heavy.
Sorry, not very clear shot of the Honey Parfait

So i won't complain we lack food now in KL Sentral. There seems to be a lot of choices here. :) Btw, Zen is quite popular with the inhabitants of KLSentral. So, go there a bit earlier.

Zen @ Sooka Sentral
KL Sentral (Near the Departure Terminal)


  1. What is the price like?
    Newly opened.. but no chance to try it yet.

  2. Happy New Year!

    Seems like a nice restaurant to visit.

  3. Happy New Year!

    Sunny is having his baking class on 20th Jan, interested to join?

  4. Bacterium: Not really - but ok-lah

    Sugar Bean: Yes it is but note that it is only open till 8:30pm

    BB0: I want to, :( but 20th have some do on with my friends... next class!

  5. price in zen is about the same lilke secret recipe. after all, zen is a part of secret recipe..

    and newsflash! zen's opened till 10pm! :) So do come by after work & try our deserts..

    my recomendations:
    - apple crumble with vanilla ice cream
    - rasberry / choc gateux
    - mini mud cake
    - almond brownies with vanilla ice cream
    - strawberry trifle (sweet attack)

    *some i can think of. havent been working for a month now.. haha..

  6. Tino: hey, thanks for dropping there. I go there often to eat, one of my favorite restaurants around there. :) hope to see you there in person. :)

  7. Unfortunately, my colleague and I had the most unpleasant experience at Zen @ Sooka Sentral. You can check out our experience as posted here: -

  8. @Cau: Sorry you had a poor experience there... So far when i was there it was alright.... anyway, there a lot of nice places to eat there as well :)



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