Saturday, 29 December 2007

The last of the Penang Food Post - finally

I need to forewarn u people out there - this post contains pictures of OFFALS hanging up..... If you are squeamish like me on this kinda stuff- TURN AWAY NOW! *dun say i didn't warn you hehehe'

Now that i have warned you -let's get to the closure of this Penang Post. Continuing from Post 1 portion, by that time our driver JS was wide awake and HUNGWEE.. or hungry. So TC drove back to Dorsett to pick him up. So we set out to look for more food.

I discovered something in Penang i have never seen before in KL or Ipoh.... which was a culture shock to me. There were some shops having stage shows with scantily clad chinese girls singing to a crowd of old Chinese men... eh? -_-". Some of this scantily clad women could use with a wardrobe make over..... It seems this is pretty common in Penang and this is sometimes how they past time for the old Chinese men. Now, i not only found it one place but a few places as well. Some men even rush on stage to give bouquets of flowers.... .... hmmm whatever rocks your boat man....

Well, singing aside, we finally settled on eating near the Sunway hotel in Penang. That place is another food haven. Plenty of stalls after the hotel area! We settle for one corner shop at the end of the road.... and here is where i found OFFALS all hanging up! There was small intestines, big intestines, stomach, pork, fried, steamed, you name it, the dude has got it. This shop actually serves porridge and in Penang- pork intestine porridge is to die for - (so i heard ). I shall stick to Laksa thank you.

Leng chai here thinks i am nuts

This uncle here was teasing me it cost RM2 to take a picture ( now where have i heard that before ) but in any case he let me continue. And... naturally i did not order anything from him. However, i am here to help promote his stall- *cackle*

So i got fed up with CKT after a while, and decided to order Chee Cheong fun. ( No relation to Chee Cheong ) I am still not used to the penang style of shrimp paste as the sauce.. The CCF was sticky here not the smooth version. I wonder if this has been kept too long. I still finished anyway but then i prefer the Ipoh version of soy sauce and plain oil. That is the ultimate way of eating CCF. (Ok, penang people - don't whack me - just my preference only )

Somehow or rather, chicken wings look rather attractive that night. This is a rather blurry image - but what to do... my Canon sometimes act freaky @ night. Or maybe lousy photographer. This is so so only, chicken wings is chicken wings :)

This is the find of the century in Penang. We found this little hawker stall that sells my all time favourite - Mee Suah, in fried form. Each one of us is normally given a task to look for a particular dish, order it and we all share. I found this Fried Mee Suah stall, not much customers .... Decided i can give it a go, what do i lose except to put up with grumbles after that. (LOL) . Mee Suah is very thin rice noodles - not with the consistency of mee hoon. It 's normally sold in boxes and can be easily cooked. Normally, my mom cooks this with simple soup and puts in fish cakes and minced pork with a dash of garlic oil. Mee Suah in some chinese dialects also symbolizes long life. I normally eat this in soup form but finding a fried form was interesting for me. This noodle is notorious for sapping the soup it is sitting in, so frying this must be a real art! So how does this taste? Awesome!!! We couldn't get enough of this. The wok hei can be tasted in every bite- sigh.. wish i had another plate. Ok! Decent size APAM was found in this restaurant for the SAME Price! But this is just the plain one. Not bad, not bad. Haven't eaten this in ages! Do you all see the large plate of Oh Chien in the background? The size of the oh chien was about 1/2 my thumb... *dekkai!* <>

This man here is supposedly, quite famous for his tong sui. He is found in the same row as the Sunway Hotel in Penang. I think he opens only at night. The rasa rasa penang book, put him in as one of the good tong sui in Penang. He's so good that people just park their cars next to his stall, and request for the tong sui of choice and you will see a queue of cars near his stall. Uncle seems a bit unfazed at me taking photographs of him. Must be used to his fame already - lol

Places we went to, to stuff our selves:
* Sin Yin Cafe, 43, Lorong Baru, 10400 Penang (You can find the tong sui, the chicken wings, the funny CCF and the Chee Cheong Chook here)

inally- kau tim Penang Food gorging self session :) So where to next?

Penang gets my 3 star ratings for nice, cheap and tasty food :)


  1. We love Penang food, they are gorgeous and many to desire for!

  2. I know... i am still salivating when i see the Char Mee Suah! Yumz!

  3. OOOOooo...i was there during Drive for Food. I tried the porridge...hehehe...full of pig's spare parts!

  4. PP: Aiyo ... i dunno how to "yan sik" leh- i just take pictures only!



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