Thursday, 13 December 2007

Penang a musical food journey...............

I am my hotel room

Basically, i think i have never eaten so much in my life before for 3 short days. You eat in the car on the way to the hunt, during the hunt, you eat some more, after the treasure hunt- go hunt for food so more.

I am lucky i didn't get hit by any tummy bug last weekend, when i journeyed to Penang
with my new hunt team. Yes, we had a new team! Erm, no i am not fed up of the other team, i think we just need a break from each other. I have hunted with FF and TC together before but this time we added JS as the new partner. He turned out to be a pretty good driver! But enough of the hunt portion, let's talk food.

Now, basically Penang is truly a food heaven. Every where i go, i am surrounded by food. Pity, we only have about 5 hours daily to actually er eat, so i couldn't stuff myself as much as i wanted. We were given the Rasa Penang book by our hunt organizer - Time Out and it was pretty helpful. But on our second day of the hunt we decided to try the Famous Teo Chew Chendul in Lorong Keng Kwee.

Er............. initially i thought it was a shop but just turns out to be a cart next to a corner restaurant. Worse off... it was raining. I hate squishy and wet places. Nevertheless i am not standing in the rain to eat Cendol, so we cramped into a very very small restaurant that serves laksa and CKT.

I normally don't crave for Penang Laksa, and i am particular of where i eat this but, i think i found my perfect laksa from this lady. RM2.50 for a small bowl and RM3.00 for the large. We ordered small as we wanted to eat other stuff. Now, when i say this is good it is good. For 4 persons we initially ordered 2 bowls to share but i actually ordered a second bowl to eat!! It was really tasty soup! Plus lots of vegetables, fish and lovely noodles!! (Note: even my mother was surprised i had 2 helpings )

See, our selections. 1 bowl of the awesome cendol each and the 2 bowls of laksa. Now, the famous cendol, really deserves a thumbs up. The sauce was very fragrant with the coconut milk. I just noticed that there is a difference between the Penang Cendol and the Melaka Cendol. Melaka, is of course naturally has the strong scent and flavor of Gula Melaka, while penang emphasis on the coconut milk. Nevertheless, i still found this damn tasty! Plus the red beans that they put in was smooth and not hard as in some in KL.

Then came our CKT. What can i say man...... We found the ultimate CKT itself here. This shop cooks it with lard, and adds in Chinese Sausages as part of the deal. I was truly amused when FF calls lard, "keropok".... Seems that is the more pleasant name to call it. Now this is the super hot version. JS is a big fan of hot. However, this shop does it so well, it doesn't loose the wok hei nor the original taste of CKT. My lips suffer though. I felt like Stephen Chow in Kung Fu Hustle after that :P Again, we had another additional plate.

We also had popiah as well but didn't make the picture as it was not so great, i mean in the scale of 1 to 10.

On the way back, i found this couple asking for trouble. Some one is pushing their luck here.

All i can say it, that was the best meal i had for the day. It was also a late lunch because after the hunt, we had to make a trip to the police station to report a theft. ( Long Story, another blog ) and we were lucky this place still had food to feed us!

By the, way this cendol is so famous- even NST reported it! Neko parents are now keen to go penang! Yes :) Second round.

To Walking Contradiction: You know where to go next :)


  1. hahahah... i know where this laksa is.....if you are there, laksa and chendol is a must! lovely and agree with you!

  2. Christine: hehehe. The best food man!

    Big Boys Oven: Yeah! I still can smell the coconut in the cendol. Droolz.



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