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Anyang-Hae-Sae-Yo Korean Food @ Nak Won at Taman Danau Desa

Treasure Hunt Update: We got 15 place but we didn't win any prize. Guess who won again? But we had a great time in Penang with a new treasure hunt team. More write ups later!

It was not meant to be -....... Korean Food at Ampang ( Little Korea ) was definitely not in the cards. First the rain ( no pun intended ) then the traffic. However, we insisted on still having Korean Food. So, the Neko unfortunately got stuck with the task for looking for alternative Korean Food with the help of TC. Some how or rather- i was not the main organizer but then ended up tasked with getting 1) Booking 2) Sending out directions 3) Arranging for transport. All i got was Barley Tea from the Original Organizer- u know who u r * Hmmph*

So I directed everyone to the Nak Won's Branch in Taman Danau Desa. Initially they were supposed to be in Hartamas- luckily i called to book spaces and found out they moved to Danau Desa- Luckily!!! Otherwise everyone else would have whacked me.

When i first stepped into the place- i felt like i was in a Korean home. Oh No, there is Choi Ji Woo in the Big TV screen. They were playing Winter Sonata... Noooooooooooooooo... Sorry... I really don't like sappy korean dramas - too mama drama. hehehehe. Anyway, deco wise the place was pretty nice, only i find it a bit crowded with 6 of us sitting in very tight spaces. Also interesting- the waiters are not so english speaking and definitely NOT Korean speaking people. However, they r very well versed in the way to eat certain stuff and certainly do not lack helpful tips on how we can enjoy our meal better. ( or look less jakun here hehehe)

Here is walking contradiction grinning ear to ear. We dragged her in last minute to cheer her up. Poor thing, she looks so stressed these days. Nothing like good food and good company to help cheer up a person. Btw, the men seem truly amused with the funnel in the picture. Each of them keep tapping and knocking and fiddling. It is lucky it didnt drop down on us.

Assortment of sauces that comes with the set, you will need to use this for the B-B-Q meat later. And the chilli sauce, far left taste great with other stuff.

Korean BanChan (Side Dishes)

I started to realize something real quick once the dishes started to arrive:
  • starter takes up more table space then the main meals
  • You need alot of people to eat korean BBQ
  • Don't OD on starters - we were fascinated by the Apple salad and the salted veggies - so we keep stuffing our selves
  • Refill is sometimes not a good thing - means you OD.
  • I will start smelling of grilled food in 20 minutes time ... sigh - end of the day - no one is going to notice
I must say the combination of starters is pretty interesting- means you get to eat hot, sour, sweet, salty in one go. We all have our favorites. The kerang was sent off by all - looked a bit too raw for all of us but we had more fried brinjal etc.. In 15 minutes i started to fill up already - and this wasn't even the mains.

We ordered Grilled Beef. Frankly, except for TC we are real beef eaters. And this was the star of the night even though the picture is not very flattering. The good thing is- they cook it in front of you and cut it up for you. The taste? AWESOME! I mean - it's so good- i can't even explain. What the heck marinate did they put into it? After eating this, the pork an chicken pales in comparison. Btw, the best way to savor this is, wrap the beef in the buckets of lettuce we had. Add a slice of raw garlic. Put some of the sauces inside and stuff it in your mouth. The combination? Think Remy and Cheese... droolz.......................... ( btw: waiter had to give us Korean Food Noobs a tuition before eating )

Japchae -Korean Stir Fried Glass Noodles with Seafood

Seafood glass noodles was next! Again, a really great choice. There were really large prawns in this er... puddle of glass noodles and it was so tasty! 5 THUMBS up from everyone!


Vegetarian Bibimbap - I think. Can't recall any meat in this dish. Please note, pot is hot. They serve it in a HOT HOT stone bowl. Everyone enjoyed this as well.

Bindaetteok-Korean Pancake

My other favourite- korean pancakes. Yummy! The waitress saw that our table was overloaded - she went round distributing the pancake on everyone's plate. You must try the pancake with chilli sauce below.

Grilled Pork - Wah- it was also yummy but then nothing compares to the beef.

One thing good about this place is that, the meat is great very nicely and it is not dry nor tough. my last yakiniku experience in japan and other places, didn't turn out that well - but here - done to perfection.

Everyone looking so gee-darn satisfied

At the end of the dinner they serve you watermelon and also a cup of crushed barley drink. Iced. Lovely! After all the heaty food, it is good to drink this. In fact, you can top up if you want more barley. However i think this is an acquired taste. NY and me found it great, FF thinks it is a bit weird. TC .. He finds anything pretty much yummy. He is not to particular like the rest of us. Anyway, one cup was all i had. Had too much tea before that.

Do actually make your booking for Nak Won. It's pretty pack with locals and koreans alike. Other brances of Nak Won is in Jalan Ampang. But check out these other reviews here, and here

Restaurant Nak Won
7-1-1 Jalan 3/109F, Taman Danua Desa


  1. Food looks good, i look like crap lar... aduh...:P

  2. Looks a nice restaurant with good ventilation I suppose. They served a large variety of side dishes! The Japchae looks delicious!

  3. aiyoh - i'm looking for contact details from google and i end up here staring at my own picture ( and got the contact as well lah ). Good food must be shared with the world! Keep it up.

  4. joyce: aiya, u don't look like crap-lah.

    Sugar Bean: Yeah, this is one of the better korean places and not very far for me!

    Chin Geh: hehehehe. Glad the site is useful



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